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Rush2112 29. Mai. 2012
U2Elevation 29. Mai. 2012
INXSBeautiful Girl Lieblingslied 29. Mai. 2012
INXSNever Tear Us Apart Lieblingslied 29. Mai. 2012
Stevie Ray VaughanPride And Joy 29. Mai. 2012
The Doobie BrothersLong Train Runnin' 29. Mai. 2012
Noel GallagherTo Be Someone 29. Mai. 2012
Van MorrisonBrown Eyed Girl Lieblingslied 29. Mai. 2012
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Über mich

I'm a fan of most music and have a varied yet eclectic taste when it comes to choosing the music i generally buy. I enjoy Classical very much, also Rock, Metal, some pop and a smattering of indie. Artists and bands i greatly admire are Freddie Mercury, Bowie, The Eagles, Chicago, E.L.O, and The Stones. I am open to recommendations but i know what i like and i generally stick to it. I despise Techno or any kind of Dance music and don't get me started on Jedward... I look forward to a musical reawakening where Music will once again belong to the people and not the Corporate crap we seem to have thrust upon us every time we turn on the bloody radio...


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