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  • KiloooNL

    The first full-length and last album from Lost In The Delusion Called "Life" is now complete! It is entitled "Despair - Suicide" and is soon available from Depressive Illusions Records, strictly limited to 22 copies. Free download:

    7. Nov. 2011 Antworten

Über mich

I am the disturbed mind behind Mastoidectomy. It's a cybergrind/noisecore/goregrind project I've undertook due to my love of incomprehensible growling and screaming and screeching and bizarre synths/electronic noises on a loop. It's VERY rough and lo-fi, if you aren't into that, you will despise it and wish you'd never listened. Just how it should be. Is it a joke band? Or is it a deep reflection on modern society? You decide. A demo should be up shortly.

Winter's Graves is mine as well. It's a drone/shoegaze/dark ambient (black metal? we'll see) project. DEMO IS UP NOW FOR FREE DOWNLOAD.

As for me myself, well... I am scum. As are you. Humanity is the parasite that plagues the Earth. Tr00factz.

I have a more diverse taste in music than anyone else; I'm quite sure that's a true statement. I will listen to anything that is put in front of me. I love good and shitty music alike.

Have a pleasant day, motherfuckers.

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