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Le MatosKing's Filth 3. Jul., 14:49
Aphex TwinPowerpill Pacman 2. Jul., 17:49
Stephan EicherNoise Boys Song 2. Jul., 13:35
Morbid OrbitStones of Years 2. Jul., 13:31
TalpaPeople Are Animals 30. Jun., 17:19
TalpaDragon Tale 30. Jun., 17:11
Chi-A.D.Sense of Presence 30. Jun., 17:01
Shiva3Trolls Woods 30. Jun., 16:52
Juno ReactorMasters Of The Universe 30. Jun., 16:50
MachinimasoundShadows of the Mind 30. Jun., 16:42
SunYoEnceladus 30. Jun., 15:32
SunYoEnceladus 30. Jun., 15:31
Wizack TwizackWelcome To Knutby 29. Jun., 18:55
NEMIXClayface 29. Jun., 18:43
d.notiveHow Soon is Now? (Smiths Cover) 29. Jun., 18:37
DarudeSandstorm (Radio Edit) 29. Jun., 18:32
Hiromi Mizutani & Yasuharu TakanashiJigoku no Funauta 29. Jun., 18:25
ElectrypnoseSunny Heart 29. Jun., 18:21
Infected MushroomUnbalanced (Baby Killer remix) 29. Jun., 18:10
Infected MushroomMontoya Remix 29. Jun., 18:01
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"Just another freak in the freak kingdom."

"... and people say "is there risk, to DMT? it sounds so intense. Is it dangerous?".

The answer is: yes, it's tremendously dangerous; the danger is the possibility of death by astonishment. And you must prepare yourself for this eventuality, because you are so amazed. Amazement seems to be the emotion that has torn loose and swamped everything else - I mean astounded? When was the last time you were genuinely 'ASTOUNDED'? I mean, I think you can go your whole damned life without being 'ASTOUNDED'... and this is astonishment, you know, raised to the N-th degree to the point that your jaw hangs... "

~ Terence McKenna

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