a band that should only be listened to either in the summer or sunny weather a ridiculously bombastic awesome slab of industrial gothspel rock ambient are you sure its pronounced enguhland i mean seriously i kinda doubt it argh the fucking loudness war strikes again awesome 80s alt-pop-rock-whatever awitha teetha basically madonnas only great album best album in the history of the universe lol best cars album better than radiohead biophiliacore bjorkcore bobby gillespie please shut the fuck up your lyrics are horrible and you should… bowie mix beats the iggy shit and im embarassed for anybody who thinks otherwise… chillin at the beach like a bawss music chuck d being clueless about antisemitism chuck d being clueless about feminism chuck d being clueless about homosexuality dave mustaine also cant fucking sing and sounds like donald duck with throat cancer dave mustaine is a rightwing religious fundamentalist antigaymarriage cuntfuck dave mustaine is also a racist conspiracy theorist shitforbrains who gives metal a… debutcore does bob pollard ever sleep or does he just keep waking up to write more songs i… dream pop for some reason i really like tracey and melissas voices they just sound cool i guess fuck everybody else this album is great and i love it fuck morrissey hes a horrible human being and a massive fucking asshole futuristicelectronictechnoindustrialglamalternativerockawesomeness gay techno music geddy lee is a pretty shit singer shame really since otherwise they rock gonna stick with 1994-1997 but thanks for the two amazing albums and bsides guys good album but i honestly dont think its classic good but geez would it kill kim deal to do a bit of the pixies surf-punk-space rock… good in the 90s but shit now holy fuck i fuckin love this band homogenicore how can such a cool talented guy be a motherfucking scientologist i mean god damn… i hope i never have to explain why i like this album to my employer i wish my dreams sounded like this ice cube is clueless about women ice cube is clueless about women and yo yo isnt helping if you crossed the bangles and rem itd probably sound like this if you have a female bandmember for fucks sake use her to the fullest extent and… in a perfect universe all of madonnas albums would sound like this in an alternate dimension this could be a rammstein song jangly power pop love john lennon was a horrible domesticabusing massive failure of a human being who just… johnny andy mike and craig were the best members kinda nightmare fuel but i still love this like a massive nuclear blast of testosterone right in your face masters of annoyingly incompetent repetition medullacore misogyny vs misandry and nobody wins music for floating in space mystical prophets of dooooooooooommmmmmmmmmm needing band members nice dessert after loveless nigel godrich not a rolling stones cover not a very good producer official theme of the intergalactic surfing olympics only metallica album i won on a cd pj harvey has awesome taste in music power ballad goodness progressive alternative metal kickarsery pure fucking awesome second best shoegazing band possibly even equalled with mbv for best seriously morrissey shut up you cant sing and you suck seventeen seconds of grunge shoegazers i guess shoegazing goodness so fucking fast so goddamn infectiously happy so many fucking songs some american singers should really never never never never try to sound like ukers sonic ecstasy sorry guys but slowdive are much better than you by far space blues still droppin more shit than a pigeon subway to peeeeeeeeenis the only britpop band that matters the only good things to come from the pathetic sorryass britpop movement the only other shoegaze band that matters the perfect blues-rock song the worlds premier futuristic intergalactic space-surf-punk bar band they only made like five good songs or so and one of those is a cover this album cover creeps me the fuck out for some reason this album cover sucks donkey balls this is how guitars are supposed to sound this is how you end a career this song has lyrics that endorse rape culture transphobia trying so hard to be hardfuckincore its comedy gold verspertinecore voltacore wannabe macho poisoning why do you fuckers keep reuniting just give up already why the fuck couldnt you stay broken up damnit yeah they invented the term power pop thats really cool it is