My revision of The Beekeeper


23. Mär. 2008, 16:26

So ... it's been like 3 year since Tori Amos released her criticized album The Beekeeper. I had a hard time with this album at first, but some of the songs really grew on me, while others didn't. So, a fair amount of time after the release (three years...) I decided to try to arrange The Beekeper in my way. Here's my revision:

1. Original sinsuality
2. Dolphin Song
3. Sweet the sting
4. Sleeps with butterflies
5. General Joy
6. Jamaica inn
7. Mother revolution
8. Parasol
9. Goodbye Pisces
10. The power of orange knickers
11. Toast
12. Barons of suburbia
13. Marys of the sea
14. The Beekeeper
15. Garlands

(For those who don't know: Garlands is the b-side from the DVD, and Dolphin song is a track from A Piano - The Collection nd was recorded in 2003 but didn't make the album.)

(Removed songs: Ireland, Ribbons undone, Hoochie woman, Cars and guitars, Witness, Martha's foolish ginger.)
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the Afterglow, Tori Amos


  • Lets_Dorrit

    Still don't understand why Dolphin song didn't make the album... It has amazing drums, and some fascinating lyrics (You call me Melusine, after the Lady of the Fountain...)

    8. Apr. 2009, 22:04
  • Aagha_Gauri

    Good job, you removed my less-liked song. Ireland is pretty crappy, but it's so rhytmic and I just can't get it of my head lately- it's good for humming. I also love Delphin Song, but Garlands...hmm...

    27. Apr. 2009, 20:15
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