20. Apr. 2006, 3:49

This is a band for fans of black and death metal. Vesania consists of Orion of Behemoth and Daray of Vader.

They play a heavy brand of black metal, with lots of symphonic elements, and also ambient tracks in between the heavier, long songs.

People should definately check them out!

My favorite songs are Posthuman Kind, Rest in Pain, God the Lux, and Lumen Clamosum


  • Reivas_Genocai

    Where's the Firefrost Arcanum tracks?!?!

    20. Apr. 2006, 4:17
  • Melancholic

    Ayé, they're a good band. =)

    21. Apr. 2006, 3:00
  • baalhammon

    Vesania is amazing - definatly in my top 3 black metal bands.

    1. Mai. 2006, 13:58
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