• part 2

    1. Jan. 2010, 23:03

    got more albums yesterday.

    rough diamond (self titled)
    Saints and Sinners by Whitesnake
    MSG (self titled)

    also Slaves and Masters by Deep Purple on CD.
  • part 1

    28. Nov. 2009, 22:01

    went to the record shop today. they moved it into the hot box, which is a kind of stoner store next door. i bet the old man couldn't afford rent anymore. anyways i bought three albums
    RazamaNaz by Nazareth
    Loud 'N' Proud by Nazareth
    Never Surrender by Triumph Never Surrender
    it's my favorite Triumph song.
  • Whack.

    22. Nov. 2009, 21:59

    Cool I didn't know there was a journal thing on here. I need to go to the record store again. It's been months. I bet the old dude misses me.
    I just hope he doesn't try to sell me that damn turntable again.