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27. Feb. 2011, 14:45

Sat 26 Feb – My Chemical Romance, LostAlone

So yeah, just 17 hours ago, I was rocking out to one of my favortie bands: My Chemical Romance. Let's just start of by saying that this gig kicked some major ass. It was my second time seeing them, and I personaly enjoyed this show more than the last one (even though that one was awesome too). But it would be boring to just end this "review" like that, so let's take a better look at my night:

So the 26st of februari, I went to see My Chem with two of my friends. Last time I saw those guys (I think it was 30 octobre) I saw them with a couple of girls. However, before MCR even got on stage, one of them fainted, so I watched nearly 100% of that show from the back. But this time nobody I cared for fainted, so that was already a major improvement.

Now, before MCR (the main act) started, their support act LostAlone helped to set the energy for the show. I had given these guys a quick listen a couple of days before the show, and I really liked to their music, so that was really good already. Their music also sounded great live, and I LostAlone definitely got me in the right mood for My Chem. Sadly, it didn't seem like the rest of the crowd was really enjoying them... Everybody just stood there watching them a bit, even though near the end of the show LostAlone's vocalist/guitarist seemed to get everybody going. At one point, me, my 2 friends, and some other guy moshed for a bit, which was great too. That was about the only moshing for that night though, because besides the intro to Thank You for the Venom, there wasn't really much moshing.

after waiting about 15 or 20 minutes after LostAlone, the lights went out and "Look Alive, Sunshine" started playing, much like MCR had kicked off last time they where in the Netherlands. The My Chem guys hit the stage, and like expected, everybody starting screaming like crazy xD

The show just really started as Ray hit the first notes to Na Na Na (Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na), and as soon as Mike Pedicone (MCR's tour drummer) hit his first 4 notes, everybody started jumping, before screaming along to the "na's" from MCR's song. Ofcourse Na Na Na is the perfect opener for a gig like this. Everybody knows the song (and even if you for some reason don't, you can easily sing along), and it has just the right energy for the start of a gig.

I actually wanted to go for a track-by-track review, but that would take me a crap load of time, so I'll just go ahead and tell you guys what I felt where the highlights of the night:

The second song the guys played was Thank You for the Venom from their second album, Three Cheers for Sweet Revenge. Last time they did exactly this: Follow up Na Na Na with Venom, and even though I was slightly dissapointed they didn't play a song like House of Wolves instead, this song was great too.

Venom was followed up by Planetary (GO!) (which will be the next single), and personaly I had really looked forward to this song. It just has this great energy during the choruses and verses, and everybody just started jumping as soon as the guitars came in. Planetary was followed up by Hang 'Em High, and after that that they played SING, which was very well recieved by the crowd. As I looked around, I don't think I saw anybody who didn't know the words to the chorus.

Before starting the next song, Gerard just said "money", and immediately it was clear they where gonna play the last song of Danger Days: Vampire Money. This was followed by Mama, which always seems to be a crowd-pleaser.

Mama was again followed by The Only Hope for Me Is You, which then was followed up by what might be one of my favorite parts of the gig: MCR played Summertime, and I am not afraid to admit I cried some (very manly) tears. I was honestly afraid a slow song like Summertime might knock the energy out of the gig, but it was actually a great way to get back some energy (which everybody really needed for the song that would follow). The second Summertime ended, Ray started strumming the opening powerchords to I'm Not Okay (I Promise). A couple of months ago this had been my favorite live song, and this time too this song was incredibly live, with everybody seemingly knowing every word to the song.

I'm Not Okay was followed by Famous Last Words, which is one of my all-time favorite My Chemical Romance songs, so I had a blast during this one too. Famous Last Words was followed up by the heavy DESTROYA. Last time they played this song live I didn't really like it all that much, but after listening to it on the record for a while, I was really glad to had decided to play this again.

After DESTROYA they played possibly three of their biggest hits: Welcome to the Black Parade (which Gerard started off with some "When you go~"'s from I Don't Love You), Teenagers, which gave just the right energy boost the crowd had needed, and then Helena. Before leaving the stage, Gerard sung Cancer, which just keyboard as backup, but for some reason quite some people infront of me decided to just walk away when this song started.

Then, like with every other gig, everybody just started screaming: "We want more!", and after just one or two minutes, the keyboard player hit the stage and started playing a little piece, which made it obvious they where gonna play the song I had been looking forward too all night: Bulletproof Heart. This song was just perfect to end the night with, as well as ending one of my favorite shows I have been to yet.

.... damn, I typed alot.


  • zoraluv

    you are so lucky. i'm glad you had fun. MCR forever.

    1. Mär. 2011, 0:57
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