Amazing (like it was intented XD)


3. Jun. 2010, 7:58

Mon 31 May – Slash

Normaly I don't really review events on here, but this was just so awesome I couldn't resist.

Originaly I planned on going with three of my pals, but only one came in the end so I had to sell my tickets at the door (which totaly sucked). One of them had told me that afternoon that he was coming, so we waited infront of the door for like... 45 minutes before we decided to sell his ticket too and go inside. If the guy had just told us that he wasn't coming we would have been standing in the front somehwere.

Eitherway, of to review the actual event: we still had a good view on the stage. It was clear from the start that this was going to be amazing. Everyone was just standing around, nervously waiting for it to start.

Just a couple of minutes later then 21:30 Slash, Myles and the rest of the band took the stage, starting of with the opener for his new self-titled album,Ghost. The sound was loud, but of a very good quality. The only thing to complain about was that you couldn't hear Myles sometimes.

Everybody seemed to enjoy it, and as soon as he started the guitar-solo everybody started cheering (which is what happened with the first couple of songs anyway XD).

Highlights of the evening definetly included Slash playing The Godfather-theme, which directly turned into the intro of Sweet Child o' Mine afterwards. As soon as the first notes of that song left Slash' guitar everybody went completely insane (on a side-note: I believe that was also the only song literaly everybody was singing along with). After another couple of songs they finaly left the stage, but obviously came back again to play "By the Sword" (the first single of Slash) and a cover of Communication Breakdown by Led Zeppelin.

Obviously that kept the best for last, as they came back one more to play Paradise City.
I am pretty sure Axl and his so-called "Guns N' Roses" couldn't have put up a better performance than this.

Probaply the best show I have seen yet, and if he plans to play another show near our small country, I will be more then willing to see that too


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