23. Sep. 2009, 11:20


Oh Gods... I'm listening so closely I might just cry... but...
I loved the way it started... just waiting for his voice...

It's definitely him... different, a bit... toned down maybe but... the growling!
Oh gods... and at about 1:50, yeah that's his voice alright.
I love 礼 and 哲 guitarplay right there, and the way the start smashing and 勇企 comes back in...

KAY I rally like Nightmare. (I want the lyrics)

As REBORN starts
RAGE! WAAAH, fucking RAGE! that's like one hell of a 暴れる歌
... Three minutes later I can't really say much about it, as I was standing in my room between the two boxes, clutching the back of my chair with one hand, and my necklace with the other, headbanging like mad, with tears in my eyes.

And I guess somehow I lost my ability to type during SWITCH. At least I haven't typed anything here, and just noticed it's been over for a while.


So much of 'the release of the year'



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