Top 10 Massive Attack Songs


1. Mär. 2007, 1:29

I'll just say this right here and now. It's very hard to pick just 10 songs from one of my favorite Bands ever.

10. What Your Soul Sings - One of the more relaxing and chilling songs by Massive Attack. Definitely something to hear in the morning.

9. Spying Glass - Absolutely one of the best songs off Protection. It has a nice electronic/reggae sound going for it.

8. Five Man Army - One of the best hip-hop songs ever. Nice Lyrics as well.

7. Group Four - It's one of the more dark and chilling songs, and some of the amazing vocals by Elizabeth Fraser in Mezzanine.

6. Karmacoma - The beat is what keeps me from always hearing this song over and over. Jamaica' Aroma...

5. False Flags - One of their latest and greatest. Amazing Outro and good use of sampling. The Video is beautiful as well.

4. Be Thankful for What You Got - One of the greatest covers ever. They successfully covered a song and still made it fresh and new.

3. Man Next Door - The Mood, the Lyrics, the Vocals, it's perfect. Something you need to hear over and over. In my opinion this song should have been a single or had a music video.

2. Unfinished Sympathy - Their greatest Pre-Mezzanine accomplishment and one of the best songs off of Blue Lines

1. Risingson - Their best song, hands down. The dark atmosphere thoughout is thought provoking and the vocals are top notch. The beats are constant and thrilling. The video for the song is equally amazing.

Well that's a wrap.

I'm still excited for the new album. Maybe that could change this top 10. Only Time Will Tell.


  • Mohamo

    Amazing! I perfectly agree with the Top 5(?), or 4 of your Top 10 selection. It looks like you listed two songs for third and fourth place though. Also Unfinished Sympathy would be PRE-Mezzanine, not post. My personal list would also have Black Milk, Name Taken, and possibly Everywhen, Teardrop, and Mezzanine.

    1. Mär. 2007, 10:44
  • Otacons_Nachos

    Oh Wow, I didn't notice that! Thanks for the heads up.

    1. Mär. 2007, 15:07
  • shifto112

    This is a brilliant list, must agree with the top 4. Only got Mezzanine and Blue Lines though - worth getting Protection next? Or Collected? I hear their other album is fairly disappointing, but keen to check out the ones here I don't know!

    19. Mai. 2007, 23:11
  • willmunn

    what about protection, teardrop and exchange!? Don't agree with your number one at all lol, let's agree to disagree!

    7. Jun. 2007, 17:03
  • Mohamo

    Hey again, how about Euro Zero Zero; a darker version of Eurochild.

    23. Jun. 2007, 1:33
  • Otacons_Nachos

    Wow, I love Eurochild and Euro Zero Zero sounds amazing.

    24. Jun. 2007, 4:15
  • stannyboy1

    why does nobody ever say Five Man Army. Five man army is my favourite and it's SO underrated D:

    31. Jul. 2011, 17:12
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