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Über mich

My name is Jont… I am a singer-songwriter and Unlit is the night I’ve put on for the last ten years. Unlit is a mixture of a gig and party, free and open to anyone, which takes place in people’s houses around the world.

I’ve teamed up with Orange to take the Unlit tour around Britain, because both Orange and I believe that good things happen when you bring people together. Orange are also providing the technical know-how and the tour support to get the Unlit message spread far and wide.

At its heart Unlit is an hour long live music set where a handful of performers, chosen by me and the host, do a few songs (or poems, or raps, or classical pieces, or something totally different), all completely acoustical.

Before and after the music it’s just a party, where the host takes a leap of faith that if they make the night a gift that is free and open to everyone people will come together and have a wicked time – and they do!

The Orange Unlit Tour