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Scrobbelt gerade von Winamp
Leaves' EyesSymphony of the Night Hört gerade
The KillersNeon Tiger vor 4 Minuten
Diabulus In MusicaMaitagarri vor 10 Minuten
AnathemaPressure vor 17 Minuten
MuseThe 2nd Law: Isolated System vor 22 Minuten
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Über mich

Favorite last.fm quote:
"Are you Jesus Christ? Upload your music here"

1st song:
Sigtyr - Krig

100th song:
Drottnar - Vulgo Vesper

5000th song:
Eluveitie - Tegernakô

5555th song:
Extol - Your Beauty Divine

6666th song:
Nightwish - Bye Bye Beautiful

7777th song:
Tiamat - Divided

8888th song:
Gamma Ray - No Return

9999th song:
Fjoergyn - Monolog der Natur

10.000th song:
Jethro Tull - Roots to Branches

11.111th song:
Thy Majestie - Intro Scream

12.345th song:
Eluveitie - Primordial Breath

15.000th song:
Lengsel - Revival

20.000th song:
Within Temptation - It's The Fear

22.222nd song:
Blue States - For a Lifetime

25.000th song:
Equilibrium - Prolog auf Erden

30.000th song:
Kings of Leon - Crawl

33.333rd song:
Hammers of Misfortune - Trot out the Dead

35.000th song:
British Sea Power - Atom

40.000th song:
Tool - The Pot

50.000th song:
Ovidi Montllor – Va Com Va

60.000th song:
Wintersun - Beautiful Death

1.000.000th song:


1.000th Arcade Fire song:
Old Flame

1.000th Turisas song:
End of an Empire

1.000th Theocracy song:
The Gift of Music

Dumb Test

The Gay Test

My musical Preferences:
- and in general
- the exteme side of
- in general metal with both clean vocals and growls
- metal with classical or unusual instruments
- any kind of unusual or
- and other atmospheric, intense non-metal stuff

Bon cop de falç!

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