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MSTRKRFTSo Deep (Feat. Jahmal Of The Carps) Gestern um 04:02
MSTRKRFT1000 Cigarettes Gestern um 14:07
MSTRKRFTit ain't love (feat. lil'mo) Gestern um 14:03
!!!Me and Giuliani Down by the School Yard (A True Story) Gestern um 13:52
Death from Above 1979Romantic Rights (Girls Are Short remix) Gestern um 13:45
Death from Above 1979Pull Out Gestern um 13:43
Asobi SeksuMy Baby 22. Mai., 19:25
Aphex TwinGwarek2 22. Mai., 19:20
Aphex TwinAvril 14th 22. Mai., 19:18
Alkaline TrioAs You Were 22. Mai., 17:28
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let's stop this talk of privilege because the songs that we sing are as much a product of our privilege as the clothes on my back and the phone call i made to my mom last night. let's stop this talk of action because action comes easy it's the moments just before that are hard, when i've got to get my voice and my fist on the same page as my heart. let's stop this talk of them because the things we find deplorable in politicians, CEOs and cops are the same things that will tear ourselves apart. and let's stop this talk of words because words like dishonesty selfishness and greed aren't as distant to us as we'd like to believe.

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