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Kanye WestHold My Liquor 17. Mai., 10:44
Kanye WestNew Slaves 10. Mai., 17:36
Kanye WestBlack Skinhead 10. Mai., 17:30
Kanye WestOn Sight 10. Mai., 17:27
Kanye WestDark Fantasy 10. Mai., 17:14
Kanye WestAll Falls Down 10. Mai., 17:05
Kanye WestGraduation Day 10. Mai., 17:01
Kanye WestWe Don't Care 10. Mai., 17:00
MadvillainAccordion 10. Mai., 9:15
MadvillainAccordion 10. Mai., 9:13
MadvillainAccordion 10. Mai., 9:12
Mr. LifPull Out Your Cut 10. Mai., 9:06
Kanye WestJesus Walks 10. Mai., 8:59
Kanye WestSpaceship 10. Mai., 4:41
Kanye WestAll Falls Down 10. Mai., 4:35
Kanye WestThrough the Wire 10. Mai., 4:30
Kanye WestWe Don't Care 10. Mai., 4:25
Kanye WestBound 2 9. Mai., 18:43
Kanye WestSend It Up 9. Mai., 18:39
Kanye WestGuilt Trip 9. Mai., 18:36
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Über mich

2012 UPDATE - So I discovered that my main computer, my main output for listening to music at home, hasn't been scrobbling for a while. Only one app on my iphone has been doing the scrobbing, Maybe I got it all working now. === FUCK IT - STILL NOT WORKING . . .

2011 UPDATE - Been out of the scrobbling game for a while - back in now. At least from my main computer. Fuck y'all . . .

The best community dedicated to the strangest corners of the musical universe.

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Join the Last.FM WTFMusic Group to learn about, keep up to date with, share, and create extremely strange sounds and music:


The discussion of music that wobbles on the fringe, music that works with twisted creative ideas that sets it apart from other sounds in the world, music that makes you say, "WTF!?"
Or - just very very really weird music ...

*Discuss in any way possible about music that will relate to this group.

*Make recommendations on super blitzed out odd sounds and strange music.

*Discover the most fucked up music imaginable.

*Exchange or promote your own crazy music.

*Encourage others to make bizarre music and/or sounds.

*Share what we can



Ritualistic World Freak Punk Experimental Psychedelic Avant Folk MUSIC

The GoodLuck Boys:



I use Last.FM to scrobble my iPhone listening adventures.
When I'm out and about I listen to music on shuffle and scrobble it so I can keep track of what I listened to.
I don't scrobble my home listening, which is usually full albums.
Last.FM's Scrobbler app has a funny effect on my home computer . . .

As of January 1st 2010 I start to scrobble from my home computer. OH NO!

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