Albums I Bought in 2012


12. Mai. 2012, 22:10

Adam Green- Gemstones
Adam Green first came to my attention with his 2010 album 'Minor Love', which I really enjoyed. I hadn't really tried any of his other works so I thought I'd give this a go. The album is similarly fun and bizarre as is Adam Green's style. Definitely idiosyncratic but depending on how you feel about his music this could be a good thing or a bad thing. Personally I thought this was a good album.
Favourite Tracks- Down on the Street; Carolina; Emily

Arctic Monkeys-Suck It and See
I've listened to all of the Arctic Monkeys other studio albums but hadn't managed to get around to this one. Picked this up from Amazon for £2.00 as I had a £1 voucher.

Perhaps to the chagrin of many of their older fans, the Arctic Monkeys have continued to move away from what brought them to success in What Ever People Say I Am, That's What I Am Not. In some ways it's a good thing as I'm not sure that that particular album could really be replicated but it's a bad thing in that there isn't as much that makes the band stand out from the crowd. However, I think if you enjoy Alex Turner's songwriting then there is definitely something for you here. The songs on this album are actually pretty strong and Turner's lyrics are a real highlight. Worth a chance, even if they aren't the band they once were.
Favourite Tracks- She's Thunderstorms, Brick by Brick, The Hellcat Spangled Shalalala

The Beatles- Revolver
This year I continued to add more classic albums to my collection. I've wanted to pick up The Beatles' albums for some time but they are generally very expensive and I also wasn't sure where to start. I decided to start with the albums that were considered the best and bought Revolver and Sgt. Pepper's. Initially Revolver was my favourite of those two albums, however I'm currently very conflicted. Revolver is a spectacular album. Pretty much every track is a classic and Revolver has really put a legitimate challenge for my favourite album of all time.
Favourite Tracks- Taxman, Eleanor Rigby, I'm Only Sleeping, Yellow Submarine, She Said She Said, And Your Bird Can Sing

The Beatles- Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Favourite Tracks- With a Little Help From My Friends, Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds, When I'm Sixty-Four, Lovely Rita

The Black Keys- El Camino
I loved the Black Keys' last album Brothers and have been meaning to pick up this album ever since I heard 'Lonely Boy'.

Cat Power- You Are Free
I'm a big fan of Cat Power but have only been very slowly amassing her albums. I'd been meaning to buy this album for some time and finally did. The album starts really strong with the emotional 'I Don't Blame You' followed by the energetic 'Free'. The album misses in a few places but there are enough songs to keep it interesting to the end.
Favourite Tracks- I Don't Blame You; Free; He War; Maybe Not

Cat Power- Sun
Favourite Tracks- Cherokee, Sun, Ruin

The Clash- Give 'Em Enough Rope

Fiona Apple- The Idler Wheel Is Wiser Than the Driver of the Screw and Whipping Cords Will Serve You More Than Ropes Will Ever Do
Favourite Tracks- Every Single Night; Jonathan; Werewolf

Girls- Father, Son, Holy Ghost
Favourite Tracks- Honey Bunny, Alex, Saying I Love You

Grizzly Bear- Yellow House

Grizzly Bear- Shields

Interpol- Turn on the Bright Lights
Very good debut album. Clearly heavily inspired by Joy Division and other English post-punk bands but certainly have a unique sound of their own.
Favourite Tracks- Untitled, Obstacle 1, NYC

Local Natives- Gorilla Manor
I really enjoyed Local Native's 'Airplanes' track but didn't get their album until this year. There are some nice tracks on here but the album is a little inconsistent. Decent debut effort though.
Favourite Tracks- Wide Eyes, Airplanes, Camera Talk

The New Pornographers- Together
I loved the song 'Your Hands (Together)' but never took the time to check out much more of The New Pornographers work. Finally bought this album and have found it pretty enjoyable. I think the happy/shiny style of music may wear a little thin after a bit, and probably not to be everyone's taste, this album does deliver some good songs even if they are somewhat front-loaded.
Favourite Tracks- Moves, Crash Years, Your Hands (Together)

Reflection Eternal-Train of Thought
As someone who used to listen to quite a lot of hip-hop/rap music I find myself decreasingly interested in the genre. I'm sure there's still some good stuff out there but I haven't made great efforts to track it down. Had been meaning to pick up this album for some time and finally found it cheap enough to get.
Favourite Tracks- Some Kind of Wonderful; The Blast; This Means You

The Rolling Stones-Let It Bleed
Favourite Tracks- Gimme Shelter; Love in Vain; You Can't Always Get What You Want

The Rolling Stones-Sticky Fingers
Favourite Tracks- Brown Sugar; Wild Horses; I Got the Blues

The Staves- Dead & Born & Grown
I saw The Staves supporting Bon Iver at a gig in Birmingham. They were very impressive live, probably the best support act I've seen this year, and I eventually got their album. It's pretty good.
Favourite Tracks- Wisely & Slow; The Motherlode; Tongue Behind My Teeth

Tennis-Young & Old
Favourite Tracks- It All Feels the Same; Origins; High Road

Von Bondies- Pawn Shoppe Heart
Some more garage rock that I bought on a whim. C'mon C'mon is nice anthem and there are some more decent garage rock songs on here but ultimately the album is a little shallow.
Favourite Tracks- No Regrets; C'mon C'mon

The Walkmen-Everyone Who Pretended to Like Me Is Gone
I've been seeking out this album for some time but it's availability in the UK isn't great. I took my first trip to America this year, when I travelled to New York. Whilst there I managed to pick the album up. I really loved 'We've Been Had' but there are also a lot of other great tracks on here.
Favourite Tracks- Wake Up; We've Been Had; That's the Punch Line

The Walkmen-Heaven
The Walkmen have become one of my favourite bands over the past few years. 2010's Lisbon was quite spectacular and I was very excited to hear that a new album was coming out. I can't wait to see these guys in Birmingham later this year.

The album is very strong and so far I've enjoyed it a lot. Not sure how it measures up to previous albums but definitely another great effort from this band.
Favourite Tracks- We Can't Be Beat, Heartbreaker, Heaven

The Who-Who's Next
Favourite Tracks- Baba O'Riley; Bargain; Behind Blue Eyes; Won't Get Fooled Again


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