Are all people this egoistic?


27. Sep. 2006, 17:44

I was in this chatroom a while back and some guy was bragging about the fact that he managed to cheat a member-only torrent site which was very strict on leechers, into recognizing that he had uploaded over 1 gig when he hadn't.

Basically this means he had probably downloaded like 15 albums or a few movies off people but when it was his turn to let others grab the same files from him, he simply turned off the program. This makes the downloads go a lot slower for others and some files disappears all together because there is no one online who has them.

Some sites have rules which force members to upload as much as they download (or that member gets banned) so that everyone can have a fair chance to get a movie or an album or whatever and so if you're a member the download rate is fast and you’re not waiting a damn week to get something.

Downloading is free. Uploading is free. For both you don't even have to be sitting at your computer, you can just leave it on over-night; it seriously takes little to no effort. Yet despite all this, there are still people like this leech who can't even be bothered to leave their pc running for an extra 3 hours just to allow others to get movies/music for free as well.

I mean it's fucking free and this guy is finding a way to cheat the system. Just keep this in mind when you're looking for an indie band or a rare album or even a non-mainstream movie and you can't find anything.

To me it just says that even when there's nothing required of them, people are still assholes for the sake of being assholes. Thanks for shitting on everything jerks!

. .. .of course you could just do the honest thing and buy it but that's not the point here.
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  • Koven

    i know that feeling specially if its a small tracker where there aren't a lot of seeders =/ i dont stop seeding till the torrent is deleted in small torrent sites, but i still find hard to keep up my ratio in sites like oink.

    27. Sep. 2006, 20:02
  • korex

    If your going to cheat the system, you might as well cheat it justly. Oddly enough, I agree.

    28. Sep. 2006, 0:46
  • Bullitt64

    Leechers who don't seed are the scum of the earth.

    28. Sep. 2006, 2:23
  • ObeeHunter

    Well I'm glad some people agree. But I bet for every one of you there are 5 leechers out there. Koven - I'm not a member there and usually I get my stuff off mininova. Thankfully though the stuff I download is pretty popular and usally doesn't take long to upload Maybe I'm reading way to much into this but it's like even if there was a perfect world where everyone was happy, these would be the guys who would ruin it for everybody.

    28. Sep. 2006, 13:48
  • ToothandNail04

    this is why i recently decided to start purchasing music. other than having the album art and cd for ripping at whatever speed i wish, no torrents for underground albums that i really wanted made me start buying. maybe the riaa is paying these people!

    28. Sep. 2006, 22:38
  • ObeeHunter

    Well obviously the right thing to do is support indie artists and buy their shit if you are a fan but like I said, the principal behind this is the guy is a leecher by nature. Whether that means not uploading your share or pretending to be friends with someone cause they have a car and you don't feel like walking the 10 minutes it takes to get to class.

    10. Okt. 2006, 17:25
  • Shinoden


    18. Okt. 2006, 23:13
  • ObeeHunter

    No, egoistic, meaning '(a person who believes in) a doctrine that individual self-interest is the valid end of all actions with or without exaggerated feelings of self-importance'. In other words he thinks its okay to cheat on a torrent site because he got what he wanted and that's all that is important. And he was bragging about it hence the exaggerated feelings of self importance. Egotistic is closer to just being full of yourself. . . . I use online dictionaries a lot :P

    20. Okt. 2006, 16:46
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