• Mourn: Miika Tenkula 6.3.1974 - 19.2.2009

    21. Feb. 2009, 22:10

    Right now I just can't believe it, don't want to believe it - I'm simply just too shocked after hearing the news.

    I am the first to admit that I haven't been thinking of what happened to Miika after Sentenced was buried; however, I never forgot how this man's playing could touch in an incomprehensible way. How it managed to grasp the listener's Heart like I've never experienced before - or later, for that matter. Many have been those nights I've dwelled deep in my thoughts spurred from the melancholic melodies and unique style the music of later Sentenced records were mainly based on. Without Miika Tenkula, much of that would have been lost.

    This is not the first time I've thanked Sentenced for making those darker hours in my life a bit easier to bear, let alone for offering music with such a deep touch. You will be Remembered: hail Miika, hail Sentenced!
  • Dead Band Journal

    22. Apr. 2007, 12:55

    Arcturus is no more. It has ceased to be. It's expired and gone to meet its maker. It's a stiff. Bereft of life, it rests in peace. Its metabolic processes are now 'istory. It's off the twig. It's kicked the bucket, it's shuffled off its mortal coil, run down the curtain and joined the bleedin' choir invisibile. THIS IS AN EX-ARCTURUS.

    Alas, it is true. One of the brightest stars in the Norwegian sky has deceased, twinkle-twinkle no more. Arcturus was unique in its existence. From the brilliant black metal symphonies to the freaky and infernal avant-garde journeys Arcturus dared to go where no-one else had gone - and succeeded in this beyond imagination. The mirror stays dark; frightening yet tempting, and those who dare to take a look will never be the same again.

    Hail the wanderers of the Chaos Path, hail Arcturus!

    Open your heart and let go. Oh vanish!
  • To win or to die

    25. Sep. 2006, 20:34

    Hell yes, this must be one of The Death Metal Albums of All Time. Litany smashes its way to the top. Raging, blasting attack against all that is too quiet, too experimenting, too long and damn boring.
    Relying its force on simplistic, thrashy riffs, thunderous drumming and fiercily shouted vocals (now, here we have power on the vocals! No growling, no shrieking, this is your sergeant shouting at your face!), Litany doesn't leave you to be. It comes haunting, yearning to be played on and on and on...and soon you'll find yourself playing this CD every damn day! Plus, till this very day, I don't any other band that grasps concepts like 'Xeper' and manage to do it with such a force it should be done! I have come into being, indeed...
    I didn't know anything about Vader before the day I purchased Litany. Since then, the band has taken its well-earned place on the top of my list of helluva dm-acts. Even Slayer's infamous 'Reign in Blood' couldn't blow my mind away like Litany did! I think that's enough said on any band.
  • Intoxicated thoughts

    28. Jan. 2006, 15:46

    Ah, nothing beats homebrewing! Of course, while making My Very Own Sahti, no other band is to be played on background than Skyclad - and furthermore, no other track than Anotherdrinkingsong!
    A song to be sung while taking the very first pint of the day, a song to be sung while being totally wasted, a song to be sung when taking a "glass of recovering" in hangover...besides (or despite of) all this, Anotherdrinkingsong manages to catch bits of healthy philosophy to follow, at least occasionally. "Curse abstinence and temperance, come celebrate insouciance.."
    Thus I rise my pint of ale to hail these Brits - man, this is the drinking song of all time.