Fool's mind


24. Sep. 2008, 16:21

Hello space!
I'm a sick persona, my nose won't stop dripping and I can never make up my mind. I can come up with this great idea, like oh yea thats what I want or thats what I'm going to do. But then time pass and that great thought or feeling dissapear, i'v just forgott all about it, and then once again I feel as lost as a fish on land. Then after more time passing, new ideas or feelings come to my head, and then I can feel all good again. But whats the point I came to think of now.
What's the point of getting this great Ideas if I just keep forgetting about them?

Seems like everything was better then. (everything but my music taste..)
Big City Life
Dem Gone
Stan (live) - Eminem ft. Elton John
Thank U Mamma
Reclaim the City
Ghetto Gospel
Fuck Forever
I Will Always Be Your Soldier
Koka Kola Veins
Because I Got High
The Party Is in You
Blinded by the Lights
Det regnar i Stockholm - Beväpnad Tjockis
Road To Zion - Damien Marley ft. Nas
A Massage to You Rudy
One Blood - (Greenstreet Hooligans Soundtrack)
Lemon Tree
Souber - Karu Kari ft. Abir


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