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Helden, Limburg, The Netherlands (2008 – present)

OFFROAD- is an Dutch rock band that was formed in Helden, Limburg, The Netherlands in 2008. The band consists of Jaco van den Beuken (lead vocals), Jeroen Verhaegh (guitar), Jari Burhenne (bass guitar), and Nick van Gellecom (drums). The band have released 2 demo albums and 1 studio album in total; No Regrets (2009), Dreams & Devotions (2010) and Lost & Found (2010).

They started in the beginning as Project Offroad with an different line-up:
Jaco van den beuken (Vocals) and Jeroen Verhaegh (Rhythm-guitar), together with the local musicians; Kenny Schers (Lead-guitarist) Rene van de Wall (Bass) and Mark Hanssen (Drums) the recorded their first demo "No regrets", changed their name to "Offroad" and played several gigs in and outside the Netherlands. After playing a year together Kenny, Rene and Mark each decided for a different reason to quit the band. So they left the band in September 2009.

Jaco and Jeroen decided to go on with Offroad and found the perfect replacement in Jari Burhenne (Bass) and Nick van Gellecom (Drums). Together they made a change in their sound and thought it was time for a completely different musical path! With all kind of musical influences they just try to rock without compromises! After recording a demo in March 2010, they decided that it was time for a full length album! In September 2010 they on-line released the début album "Lost & Found" in their own management. The album contains 9 tracks and for the track "routine" the also made an Official video-clip. The album and video-clip got several amazing reviews.

Because of the involvement of all the band members in song-writing, Offroad manages to present a great scale of diversity in her songs. Lyrics are written with many feeling, emotion and passion. This way the band is able to gain the maximum out of their music experience and use it in their songs. The band presents an energetic show with a fantastic set of own songs, heavy sound and great on-stage performance.

Offroad is currently trying to promote their début-album in and outside the Netherlands..
Get inspired by a amazing set power rock songs!

See them live & spread the word!

Line up:
Jaco van den Beuken (Vocals)
Jeroen Verhaegh (Guitar)
Jari Burhenne (Bass)
Nick van Gellecom (Drums)

Region / Province: / Country
Helden - Limburg - The Netherlands

Power Rock’n Roll

Contact & Bookings
Jaco van den Beuken
T: (+31) 0630112958

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