You, Me, And Everyone We KnowDo It Again (You're Not Making Me Want to Touch You) Lieblingslied 113
No Use For A NameThe Trumpet Player Lieblingslied 101
No Use For A NameBiggest Lie Lieblingslied 98
矢野顕子HOW CAN I BE SURE Lieblingslied 95
No Use For A NameStraight From The Jacket Lieblingslied 94
Envy on the CoastSugar Skulls Lieblingslied 93
BaysideDevotion And Desire Lieblingslied 86
The AuditionDance Halls Turn to Ghost Towns Lieblingslied 80
AnberlinDismantle. Repair. Lieblingslied 80
BaysideThey're Not Horses, They're Unicorns Lieblingslied 74
Envy on the CoastMirrors Lieblingslied 71
No Use For A Name51 Days Lieblingslied 66
No Use For A NameDomino Lieblingslied 65
B'zSPLASH! Lieblingslied 64
Cage the ElephantIn One Ear Lieblingslied 61
ELLEGARDENMr. Feather Lieblingslied 56
The Spill CanvasReckless Abandonment Lieblingslied 56
The AuditionLawyers Lieblingslied 55
The AuditionHell To Sell Lieblingslied 55
Billy TalentBurn the Evidence Lieblingslied 53
Billy TalentFallen Leaves Lieblingslied 52
BEDlight for blueEYESWaste My Time Lieblingslied 51
BaysideBaby Britain Lieblingslied 47
No Use For A NameHazardous to Yourself Lieblingslied 46
Envy on the CoastNumb Lieblingslied 44
CartelSettle Down Lieblingslied 43
GACKTREDEMPTION Lieblingslied 43
BUMP OF CHICKENカルマ Lieblingslied 41
CartelWasted Lieblingslied 38
High And Mighty ColorPRIDE Lieblingslied 37
B'zShoudou Lieblingslied 37
The Spill CanvasTo Live Without It Lieblingslied 37
RöyksoppVision One Lieblingslied 37
PerfumeElectro World Lieblingslied 36
BivattcheeTaiyou no Mannaka he Lieblingslied 34
L'Arc~en~CielAS ONE Lieblingslied 32
AnberlinFeel Good Drag Lieblingslied 30
DispatchOpen Up Lieblingslied 29
GACKTLONGING Lieblingslied 29
Jonathan CoultonStill Alive Lieblingslied 28
High And Mighty ColorIchirin no Hana Lieblingslied 27
雅-MIYAVI-Ossan Ossan Ore Nanbo Lieblingslied 26
We the KingsFeel Good Inc. Lieblingslied 25
UVERworldSHAMROCK Lieblingslied 24
DispatchFlying Horses Lieblingslied 22
SupertrampThe Logical Song Lieblingslied 21
ORANGE RANGEShanghai Honey Lieblingslied 21
LAST ALLIANCEclone Lieblingslied 21