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Antipodean sensibilities within a European climate.

Have loved Pandora web radio for years and now they are being blocked from Europe, so have needed to switch to Last. Which is okay. Just that Last does not seem as accurate with selecting styles. Will have to see if it improves over time.

Any suggestions of how best to tailor a Last station greatly appreciated.

Love Darkwave, Symphonic Metal, Progressive and Old Skool.

So that's Nightwish especially with Tarja and Within Temptation (of course) and Arch Enemy especially recent work, and After Forever.

And then Epica and Sirenia (one of the strongest voices) and even Evanesence (cos when she is good, Amy is very good) and Lacuna Coil have some great tracks, as do Xandria.

Tristania can really rock, and maybe have the most 'complete' songs. The other groups have fantastic individual tracks and individual performances, but have yet to hear a weak track from Tristania.

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