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Notion A, also known as Amjad Shah, spent his early years in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, before he came back to Singapore in 2007. Inspired by living in Singapore, raves and Home Club, he became a techno-pounder under weighted player in the industry, loopinmotion. This passionate DJ works hard to share his beliefs about music with others.

He pours his heart and soul into advocating techno. He has been spinning to educate and entertain like-minded music enthusiasts for the past four years. His sound is an infusion of his skills as well as a buffet of influences that focus on the audio, visual, people and techno. He founded Kuala Lumpur House Invaders, a massive collective of musicians and individuals who aim to respect the past and present of music for the future. At present, he also runs CNTRL Wasteland, an event aimed to educate music enthusiasts in the sounds of experimental electronic music that’s paired up with live visual projections.

Notion A also works for Frontal, a specialised local dance collective focused on promoting dance culture to starting-out bedroom jocks and budding electronic musicians. He is a resident himself on Frontal iFM, an online platform promoting Electronic Dance Music through Singaporean and international artistes.

Now known best for being actively working on CNTRL Wasteland, Notion A sets to share the sound of techno for the current and coming generations.

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