• I Heard The Unheard of...

    21. Nov. 2009, 19:26

    I work in a nightclub/speakeasy/lounge, we have different live acts and different DJs play almost every night of the week. Often DJ's play Radiohead tracks, some you wouldn't expect to hear in a bar, Exit Music, Lucky, and Reckoner to name a few. Anyways, this "Trip-hop"/"down tempo" DJ was spinning the other night and threw down the Climbing Up The Walls (Fila Brazillia Mix) and then later on used TREEFINGERS to mix into Led Zeppelin when the owner asked for more classic rock to be played. I couldn't believe this kid played Treefingers in a club, and pulled it off!

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    15. Okt. 2008, 18:25

  • Spiderpussy @ Circa28 with Datarock, Chromeo, and Dino Felipe 3/22/07

    25. Mär. 2007, 17:11

    Thu 22 Mar – Datarock, Chromeo

    One of the wildest shows I've ever been to! The poster for the show at Circa 28 said doors open at 8pm, so I get there about 8:40, walk in, and im the only freaking person in the place. I stand around for about 2 minutes contemplating if i should leave and come back. It was then when this guy walks in through the back door and gives me a funny look and says "hey, whats up" (I thought he was in the same boat as me and showed up early) I told him I was looking for a drink and he walks behind the bar and replied "I'ts my second night, I don't think I can serve you just yet. So I go out the back door and have black and mild. It was then when I saw Ket-Ill from Datarock. He walked by me and I said, "Go Norway", he stopped looked at me and said hey, like he couldnt believe that somebody could look at him and recognize him. We started talking about music and his travels and then he asked for my help brining some of their equipment upstairs. It was awesome! I watched them play a few warm ups then I went back down staris to see if i can get a drink yet. Being there for over an hour already I got to know the owner and the bartender. Finally around 10:00 three drunk ass girls come stumbling in and Jason, the owner greets them with kisses and finally tels Joel bartender to serve us. Joel starts talking to the girls and comes back to me and says, "where did you say you moved from? Buffalo right? Those girls are from Buffalo." I was like no way what a small world. I holler at the girls sitting at the other end of the bar "B-lo Represent", and one of them says "Rob? I thought that was you". I was like no fucking way! There are 4 peoepl in a bar ive never been to before and we are all from buffalo and, they know me? It ends up, Nicole, agirl I used to work with at Casa Di Pizza is on spring break wit hher sisters who know the owner from New York. I sit down with them, get the talking and around 10:30 more people start showing up and the house DJ puts on some tunes. About 11:15 and a few drinks later, the place starts to get jumping and I start dancing. 12:00 Dino Felipe goes on with this crazy ass larger (real large) girl dressed like a fucked up clown with clothes she made with popums anbd stuff all over. It was some crazy distorted electronic noise rock with screaming and weird lyrics i couldnt really make out. I was up front totaly feeling it going wild. After they ended their set I went upstaris where Quita was spinning some hot electro-dance-rock. I was dancing my ass off like I only do in front of the mirror. I then noticed Pee Thug and Dave 1 from Chromeo sitting in the corner I gave them a nod and threw up a corna (aka Rock On) at them. I think it was when Whoo! Alright-Yeah...Uh Huh started playing that Pee Thug came up to me, gave me a pound, and said "Fancy footwork". He then proceeded to dance with me. After a couple songs he sat back down and a few DJ sets later Chromeo got up to do their Own DJ set, opening with Needy Girl. After there bomb-ass set Datarock came out in their red jumpsuits and dark glasses and went right into Nightflight to Uranus. I was going wild, singing and dancing 2 feet from where they were playing. There were about 70 peopel or less there and I was probably 1 of 15 to 20 peoepl that knew who they were, yet alone had a conversation with them. After songs such as "Ugly Primadonna", "Computer Camp Love", "I Used To Dance With My Daddy", "Sex Me Up", and "Princess", the said that this was going to be their last song and went into "Fa Fa Fa". I was going crazy the whole time and half way into the song Fredrik Saroea gave me the mic and I sang a verse. I then gave the mic back, and he said "no, sing back up" and me and this other dude sand back up for the rest of the song. I couldnt believe how awesome this night was. Chromeo went on again after but after 2 songs i had to leave. It was already 4:10 and i had to get up for work by 6:50. The next day was fun at work. Cant wait for my next show in Florida! Peace!
  • Leaving Buffalo In 7 Hours

    1. Mär. 2007, 8:17

    Leaving Buffalo In 7 Hours

  • Yidcore

    19. Apr. 2006, 20:40

    Found out about these Aussie punk Jews around the summer of 2000 while working at a Jewish day camp in Mamaroneck, NY
    Thanks Yoni!