Valient Swart - Die Mystic Boer


7. Feb. 2010, 20:27

Valient Swart | Die Mystic Boer

I'm not a fan of the music and sound, nor of Afrikaans folk, but I love this song for 2 reasons: the lyrics and the sentimental value 'The Mystic Boer' holds for me. I'm referring to the place - a pub in Bloemfontein which was named after this song.

Valiant Swart was furious that the pub took the name of his song and as an agreement the pub now plays his song at closing every night.

"I suspect the song has deep resonances in the heart of the modern Afrikaner. Perhaps it has been chosen by many Afrikaner people as an unofficial modern anthem."
- Kurt Shoemaker

Lyric translation

veertig dae en veertig nagte soek ons die mystic boerfor forty days and forty nights we've been looking for the mystic afrikaner (literally farmer, but also refers to the white dutch settlers in south africa )ons loop deur die leegte
met ons oë vasgepen op 'n stofwolk
waar sy voete die aarde ontstig het
we walk through emptiness
with our eyes intend upon the dustcloud
where his feet met earth and disturbed it
oor sy skouer met 'n oog wat uitdaag
kom nader, kom vra my my naam
ek's die Mystic Boer
die Mystic Boer
over his shoulder with one eye that provokes,
he approaches, come on, ask me my name
I'm the Mystic Afrikaner
the Mystic Afrikaner

The lyrics doesn't make sense. It's similar to Johnny Cash's The Man Comes Around. Nonetheless, I like the song, if only for those 2 reasons.


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