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Über mich

A little about me:
pleased to meet you, glad you stopped by. May I introduce myself and my company. My name is Nik I co-own a graphic design company called topright with a guy called Adam. We are suppliers of graphic design for The Hospital Group and are in the process of re-branding The Hospital Club. Yeah that's right, we made the 'h' lower case! We also design the Club magazine 'h' so if you like that, maybe we could be working together on your next design project. Call me.

My work:
topright produces anything and everything to do with design and artwork production for printed and online projects. But this doesn't just mean brochures and websites. It spans a vast array of techniques and technologies for displaying onto a bewildering mix of media. We love our work and are proud of what we produce and the relationships we form with our clients. You can see some of the stuff we do at

My interests:
All sorts of stuff, mainly stuff that puts a smile on my face.


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