Ablaze in HatredClosure of Life Lieblingslied 2
Abney ParkAirship Pirate Lieblingslied 3
Abstract SpiritFrom Behind the Verge Lieblingslied 4
Absurd MindsPendulum Swing Lieblingslied 2
AccessoryTanzflaechenmann Lieblingslied 3
AdemaEveryone Lieblingslied 2
AdemaBetray Lieblingslied 2
AerosmithI Don't Want to Miss a Thing Lieblingslied 1
AerosmithDream On Lieblingslied 4
Aesma DaevaStay Lieblingslied 2
Aesthetic PerfectionPale (Beta Edit) Lieblingslied 5
After ForeverFollow in the Cry Lieblingslied 1
After ForeverTwo Sides Lieblingslied 1
After ForeverWithering Time Lieblingslied 6
AkomaRunning Away Lieblingslied 6
All EndsWasting Life Lieblingslied 10
All EndsStill Believe Lieblingslied 2
All EndsI'm Sorry Lieblingslied 1
All EndsApologize Lieblingslied 4
All EndsObvious Lieblingslied 2
All EndsWretch Lieblingslied 6
All My Faith Lost ...the waves Lieblingslied 4
All My Faith Lost ...An Early Fright Lieblingslied 1
AltariaFinal Warning Lieblingslied 0
Alter BridgeBrand New Start Lieblingslied 2
Alter BridgeRise Today Lieblingslied 1
AmaranAtropine Lieblingslied 8
AmorphisAlone Lieblingslied 0
AmorphisExile of the Sons of Uisliu Lieblingslied 10
AmorphisMy Kantele Lieblingslied 7
AmorphisSilent Waters Lieblingslied 2
AmorphisTowards And Against Lieblingslied 1
AmorphisHighest Star Lieblingslied 2
AnathemaEmpty Lieblingslied 3
AnathemaViolence Lieblingslied 1
AnathemaAre You There? Lieblingslied 6
AnathemaEverything Lieblingslied 1
AnathemaA Simple Mistake Lieblingslied 1
And OneMilitary Fashion Show Lieblingslied 1
And OneBody Company Lieblingslied 3
And OneSteine Sind Steine Lieblingslied 4
AngeldarkSeven Candle Circle Lieblingslied 3
AngeldarkRain Lieblingslied 2
AngeldarkWanderer Lieblingslied 7
AngeldarkVenom X Lieblingslied 2
Angels Of VeniceA Chantar Mer Lieblingslied 2
Angels Of VeniceThe Sins Of Salome Lieblingslied 2
Angels Of VenicePachelbel's Canon Lieblingslied 8
Angels Of VeniceWithin You Without You Lieblingslied 2
Angels Of VeniceSad Lisa Lieblingslied 6