14. Dez. 2010, 19:14

Ah, good ole deathcore. Basically it is what metalcore went through 7 years ago. I like to call it the shit phase. 100 new bands a day, 100 shitty. Maybe 1 in 1,000 comes out entertaining, 1 in 10,000 come out different. Dead Silence Hides My Cries(DSHMC) is that 1 in 10,000. I bring you 2010's Conducting From The Grave (As many of you know I love this unique band). DSHMC hail from Minsk, somewhere nowhere near the US deathcore scene and it shows.

Dead Silence Hides My Cries play a blend of standard deathcore with a lot of symphonic metal involved. Unlike the typical band with some keys, DSHMC seem to use it to the right extent, not completely overpowering but enough so they sound different among the masses of deathcore. Kind of like how Children of Bodom (I know they are not deathcore, this is just a comparison of how much the keys are a factor) used to use their keyboardist, unfortunately I think they forgot he exists now. Vocally, Matvey handles all of the screams (from higher shrieks and group chants to dark death metal growls) all of which are excellent for the genre. The clean vocals are handled by Andrei which stand out and supplement the songs well. The guitar work is pretty standard deathcore stuff, with a little flair. I don't mean this in a negative way though. Evgesha and Andrei can hold their own it seems among the mighty deathcore giants like White Chapel, Impending Doom, Oceano and more. The drumming is to me what stands out the most on this release. It is not standout superior Dream Theater drumming, but Sergey is pretty much technically sound and what I like most is it is not typical deathcore drumming. It's heavy, but more to a standard metal flair, which also helps differentiate the band from other acts. The bassist, Igor also does a solid job filling the need for heavy hits and pumping bass.

Each track contains different elements from the band, however the flavor of the album stays the same. No song sounds alike (which is a HUGE problem with deathcore), however each song still manages to stick to a "typical" deathcore element. From the introduction you will know this album will be a fun ride. My personal favorite is "Everyone Burns In This Hell," which features some of their shriek vocals and a heavenly sounding keys intro. Everything seems to sum what the band plays in this track. The band does remind me a lot of Asking Alexandra, although much tighter and of course deathcore.

One other thing that struck me was the production quality on this album. Everything seems top notch and for an independent release that is excellent. Hopefully Dead Silence Hides My Cries can get signed and maybe start touring the world. I can see them picking up speed with recent successes of similar style artists such as Asking Alexandra (symphonic metalcore) taking over the scene. They truly have something gifted going on and it’s great to hear something fresh and unique in a terribly oversaturated genre.
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