2,500 Artists


26. Mai. 2011, 16:33

Looking at all of my hard disks at the moment, I estimate of approximately having 700-750 different artists (with full LP/CD works (mp3's, flac, etc.)) plus about 200-250 different artists in my (bought) CD and vinyl collection over the years. However, here in last.fm, my artists' count is totally different and definitely oversized.

An extensive use of the last.fm radio made me familiar with 2,500+ artists. Hence, my utmost kudos should go to this site and its Creators. However, I still haven't listened countless other bands and artists.

I've read somewhere that the total number of all the artists in last.fm is around
200 thousands (?!). So, I've barely listened a bit over the 1% of all the artists in this site.

Feeling musically ignorant or not is quite irrelevant, as long as one gains ENJOYMENT and feels ENTERTAINED (or motivated, stimulated, relaxed, angered, sad, happy or whatever) in any possible way by this listening process despite any little details and trivial factoids. Just saying.



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