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Damien RiceDamien Rice - Amie 16. Apr. 2009
Damien RiceDamien Rice - rootless tree 16. Apr. 2009
NothingfaceI Wish I Was A Communist 30. Mär. 2009
SilverchairAna's Song (Open Fire) Lieblingslied 30. Mär. 2009
EverlastEverlast - Folsom Prison Blues 27. Mär. 2009
Snow PatrolThe Golden Floor 26. Mär. 2009
Alanis MorissettePerfect 26. Mär. 2009
Alanis MorissetteAll I Really Want 26. Mär. 2009
DispatchRailway 26. Mär. 2009
12 StonesBack Up 26. Mär. 2009
Rosie ThomasMuch Farther to Go 26. Mär. 2009
G. LoveBeautiful 26. Mär. 2009
FuelMary Pretends 26. Mär. 2009
Matt NathansonBare 26. Mär. 2009
CogThe Movies Over 26. Mär. 2009
Jack JohnsonStaple It Together 26. Mär. 2009
Alter BridgeRise Today 26. Mär. 2009
The ExiesDear Enemy 26. Mär. 2009
Ben LeeI'm Willing Lieblingslied 26. Mär. 2009
William FitzsimmonsIf You Would Come Back Home 26. Mär. 2009
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  • Rojifox

    checkin' out your music- nice! thanks for sharing - I have to look some of these up!

    12. Apr. 2009 Antworten
  • Caustic1388

    You wish your music was as cool as mine. RARG. <3

    10. Feb. 2009 Antworten

Über mich

I sing, I strum, I skate.
I dream, I dance, I draw.

I am heavily influenced by the likes of Ben Harper, Chris Cornell, Eddie Vedder and Jamie Cullum.

I live free, I laugh whole-heartedly, I Love dangerously.
I am stubborn, reserved, devoted and opinionated.
I am occasionally antisocial, lazy and forgetful.

You'll notice that I have varied taste. Mostly, my favourites lie in rock and folk/acoustic. However, I'm open to almost anything. From Serj Tankian to Lisa Hannigan, I refuse to limit myself.

I have long been fascinated by the amazingly beautiful voice of Tracy Chapman. And I don't care how gay you think that makes me. Turn her up, and tell me you aren't in Love.

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