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Über mich

'It's so cliché, so immature, but what's beautiful about it is she ended up being my muse, even through all the brokenness. The girl that broke me ended up being the one that put me together." ~ Linda Perry, Deep Dark Robot.

"...Maybe my brutal honesty is only because I can get away with it.." - Important, by Lisa Marie Presley.

"Devil, pour me another shot...", Concrete Blonde.

"...people used to make records, as in a record of an event - the event of people playing music in a room...", Fuel by Ani Difranco.

"I wanted to see you walking backwards,
to get the sensation of you coming home

I wanted to see you walking away from me,
without the sensation you're leaving me alone.."
- Time and Time Again, by Counting Crows.

"...and every time she sneezes, I believe it's love..."
Anna Begins, by Counting Crows.

'The Proximity of Death' - Jordan Reyne

"History fantasises about Death taking Susannah off her hands".

There's only 6 miles of bad road between you and I.
Only 6 miles of Bad Road and blue sky
If he gets there fast, you won't feel his breath
You won't catch his eye
And I'll count the time and I'll watch the days
Till he makes you fly.

There's only 3 feet of shallow water between you and I.
So it isn't deep – but its just enough to make sure that I.........
O if you swam to the edge of things,
Where the earth meets the sky.
He will meet you there in the setting sun
With his empty eyes.

It's a short, sharp drop, past 3 flights of stairs between you and I.
So it isn't far, and you'll get there fast cos you're so fragile
Will you see his smile, will you taste his tongue?
As you vanish by
You will feel his hands, and they're cold like bone
But they're gone with time

How do you like your blue eyed boy?
How do you like your blue eyed boy?

Complex Person - The Pretenders

I'm a very, very complex person
I try to improve but you see how I worsen
I'll do anything to make you adore me,
or deplore me, but never ignore me

I got senses that I cannot control
My stomach's like a bottomless hole
My desires command me like a slave
I'm a knave, I can hardly behave

I'm a peacenik but I'm going off to war,
I couldn't even tell you what I'm really fighting for.
It seems right; at least it doesn't seem wrong
I'm a mixed-up, fucked-up singer of a song

I refuse to keep a gun in my purse
Imagine if I was feeling perverse
The builders and the workers when they whistle and they shout
I'd like to give them something to shout at me about

I'm a very, very complex person
I'm a very, very complex person
Anyway, I got a plan to give it all away
I won't need a suitcase on judgment day
I'm a very, very complex person...

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