Terra TenebrosaThe Arc of Descent Lieblingslied 7
Terra TenebrosaThe Tunnels Lieblingslied 5
Terra TenebrosaThe Mourning Stars Lieblingslied 8
Terra TenebrosaThrough The Eyes of The Maninkari Lieblingslied 4
Terra TenebrosaProbing The Abyss Lieblingslied 8
Terra TenebrosaGuiding The Mist / Terraforming Lieblingslied 6
TestamentHail Mary Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisUnjust Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisTransmortality Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisRedefinition Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisBitterness Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisEmbodiment Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisFactors of Domination Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisEverything You Know Is Wrong Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisBeyond Obscurity Lieblingslied 1
ThanatopsisI Deny Lieblingslied 1
The Arrival of SatanSuicide Mania Lieblingslied 1
The BeatlesCome Together Lieblingslied 1
The BeatlesShe Loves You Lieblingslied 1
The Best PessimistFeeling That We Have Lost Lieblingslied 5
The Best PessimistThe Past Comes Tommorow Lieblingslied 5
The Best PessimistWhen Time Stood Still Lieblingslied 5
The Best PessimistOceanica Lieblingslied 11
The Best Pessimist6619 Days Of Waiting Lieblingslied 8
The Best PessimistWalking With Happiness Lieblingslied 9
The Best PessimistI Just Want To Be Your Everything Lieblingslied 6
The Best PessimistI Lieblingslied 5
The Best PessimistSweet Loneliness Lieblingslied 7
The Best PessimistMy Heaven Ends Disaster Lieblingslied 8
The Best PessimistThis Silence Will Never Left Us... Goodbye, My Reliance Lieblingslied 3
The Best PessimistLambent Brume Turning To The Clouds Lieblingslied 3
The CaretakerIt's All Forgotten Now Lieblingslied 1
The CureGrinding Halt Lieblingslied 1
The CureThe Lovecats Lieblingslied 3
The Cure10:15 Saturday Night Lieblingslied 1
The CureLovesong Lieblingslied 16
The CureFriday I'm in Love Lieblingslied 0
The CureLet's Go to Bed Lieblingslied 3
The CureLullaby Lieblingslied 12
The CureClose to Me Lieblingslied 3
The CureWrong Number Lieblingslied 3
The CureWhy Can't I Be You? Lieblingslied 3
The CureInbetween Days Lieblingslied 3
The CureCut Here Lieblingslied 6
The CureObject Lieblingslied 1
The CureA Forest (Shortened Edit) Lieblingslied 9
The Descent of the SunIlla Tidandi (Burzum Cover) Lieblingslied 1
The Descent of the SunImmemorial Dream Lieblingslied 1
The Descent of the SunFragments Frozen and Thrown Lieblingslied 1
The Descent of the SunAnd sometimes I think of Depression ... Lieblingslied 1