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EstelleAmerican Boy 23. Mär. 2012
Lana Del ReyWithout You 23. Mär. 2012
EaglesYou Belong To The Night 23. Mär. 2012
EstelleAmerican Boy 22. Mär. 2012
SHINee누난 너무 예뻐 (Replay) 22. Mär. 2012
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Hi There! There's Nothing Much Interesting To Write About Me Here, Everything That You Need To Know Is In My Charts . I'm Here Just To Meet New Artists/Bands And To Know New People, So If You Have A Recommendation To Me You Will Be Always Welcome!

Well, About My Music I Consider Myself Eclectic . My Father Made Me Like The Classic Rock Bands Of The 70's And My Mother Made Me Like The 80's Bands, I'm Very Grateful For This . At The Moment I'm Looking For New Things To Listening, New Genres . So Like I've Said Before Recommendations Are Welcome .
In My "Custom Selection" Shown In My Profile You Will See The Artists That I'm Listening At The Moment, Aren't Always My Favorites, This Selection Is Always Changing Because I Usually Try To Listen To New Bands, I Believe That Whoever Who Holds The Same Style Or Artist Gets Atrophied Ears, I'm Fully Open-Minded .

You Can Find Me Around, I Always Use The Username Naathiw In Any Site, Except On Orkut Where I Use My Real Name .

I Don't Accept Random Friend Requests, If U Already Know Me In Life You're Welcome . If U Don't Know Me, Let's Talk Something About Music Then, We Can Be Friends :9


"Don't Look Back Into Black
Don't Let The Memory Of Sound Drag You Down


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