• So NOT worth it... But is it ever?

    30. Mai. 2013, 7:54

    Put your iPod/mp3 player on random/shuffle and then answer the questions with the song that comes up...

    1. What's a weird phrase you like to say?
    Teenage Dirtbag
    Wel.. Not really a teenager anymore, but okay

    2. What's your life like?
    More Than Words[/traack] <3
    HAHAHA! ... Was all she said :)

    3. What's something you've never said?
    [track artist=Marcy Playground]Sex And Candy

    That's all I think about though...

    4. What do you do at parties and stuff like that?
    Black Diamond
    Being that it's KISS... Probably lol

    5. What's your love life like?
    Gay and not exciting. Ha!

    6. What'll be your wedding song?
    Hey Jealousy <3
    Could have picked a better Gin Blossom song

    7. Your honeymoon song?
    This one made me LOL...

    8. Your best friend's theme song:
    Me Against the Music - LP Version/Video Mix
    She did love Britney :)

    9. Your theme song:
    NFalling to Pieces
    This whole album is my theme

    10. Your parents' theme song:
    Sea of Sorrow <3

    IDK if they even know this band.. Maybe my dad

    11. Your rocking out song:
    I can dig THIS

    12. The song you have on your iPod but can't stand to listen to:
    Call Me
    I like this cover better than the original.. If That counts?

    13. The song that gets stuck in your head easily:
    Good song, but probably not so good to sing outload alot lol

    14. Your significant other's theme:
    ROFL!! Because I'm single?

    15. The song for when you're about to do something stupid:
    Have You Ever Seen The Rain
    YES! Cause when I'm donw it'll be pouring all kinds of BADASS!

    16. Your song for doing surveys to:
    Mr. Jones

    17. How is your health?
    Cum on Feel the Noize
    oh that's too funny. Are you trying to tell me something? <3

    18. Your childhood theme song:
    Juke Box Hero
    I wish... But this was out before I was born!

    19. The song you first hear in your first car:
    Only because it's KISS

    20. At your funeral, the song then:
    R(Don't Fear) The Reaper <3
    That would be AWESOME!!!

    21. Your first kids' song:
    Ratfinks, Suicide Tanks And Cannibal Girls
    I guess it's a good thing I don't have any kids lol

    22. The way you feel about your kids:
    Naked Sunday <3
    Still waiting for Scott Weiland :)

    23. How are you feeling?
    New Damage
    Is that as bad as it sounds? :(

    24. What are you looking forward to today?
    Call the Ships to Port

    25. What's your favorite thing to do?
    The Jetset Life Is Gonna Kill You
    You'd be surprised.. The shit I've done hasn't killed me yet

    26. What are you afraid of most?
    Love Like Winter
    Both scare the shit out of me heeheehee

    27. What are you craving at the moment?
    Lynchmob <3
    Always craving KMFDM

    28. When you hear an annoying sound you say:

    29. When you fall you think:
    Happier hearing Stabbing Westward again :)

    30. Before you fall asleep you think of:
    Mr. Crowley
    Do I dare even try and answer this one.. LOL!

    31. How do you feel about the people you love?
    Be Quick or Be Dead
    Apparently I do not love anyone

    32. What comes to mind when you think of someone you hate?
    This one is just hilarious.. Thanks Axl :)

    33. What's something you always keep in mind?
    Shot In The Dark
    Why is Ozzy constantly on my mind?

    34. What's your motto?
    Cowboys from Hell

    35. Your reason for waking up in the morning:
    Big Guns
    Sebastuan definitely

    36. Your crush has the quality of:
    HaHaHaHaHaHaHa HaHaHaHa

    37. When you taste something amazing, you think:
    Chasing Sirens
    o0o0o Orgy. Yum!

    38. How you feel about your pets:
    How To Make A Monster - Kitty's Purrrrformance Mix
    I think you get it :/

    39. When describing yourself you tell people:
    Terror <3

    40. When people say "your mom" you think:
    Light And Sounds

    41. The rain reminds you of:
    Mr. Brownstone
    He's the only one will dance with me in it :)

    42. Models make you think of:
    You Really Got Me
    HA! Best answer so far...

    43. What is your deepest darkest secret?
    Dance Inside
    It's eaither that I secretly enjoy Emo or dancing.. Or both :)

    44. In your past life you were:
    In highschool I learned all her dances

    45. Describe your room:
    When I Grow
    I want them in my room lol

    46. How would you describe your favorite memory?
    TThe Kids Aren't Alright <3
    This album brings back many memories

    47. To you, what do smelly socks represent?
    Symphony of Destruction
    That's clever :)

    48. How about the American flag?
    In This Diary

    49. A hot guy/girl?
    Song 2
    Like the song ...doesn't matter lol

    50. What comes to mind when you hear a car alarm?
    Say It Ain't So

    51. And the doorbell?
    Welcome to Paradise
    HeHeHe... You must be at the wrong house
  • I don't know why I bother since these things never make sense

    1. Mär. 2012, 4:05

    My name is: The Line Between the Devil's Teeth (And That Which Cannot Be Repeat)
    I: Rapture (Acoustic)
    I love: Rock & Roll<3
    I hate: Bleedangel
    I care about: The Lover's Knot
    He/She: Let Me Be the One<3
    Favorite Show Is: Hy Pro Glo
    My Favorite Book is: Candyman
    My Favorite Drink Is: Libertheme

    How Was Your...
    Day: Lays From Afar
    Night: Lost<3
    Breakfast: That's What She Said
    Lunch: Today
    Dinner: Black Widow's Eyes
    Year: Yokan
    Last Christmas: Psycho Mutation
    Last Car: Rememo

    Describe Your...
    House: Surfacing<3
    Room: Hard Life to Love (W/ Ray Gillen)
    Appearance: Escape
    Hair: Eat! Eat! Eat! (An Eye for an Eye)<3
    Nails: The Game
    Eyes: Sink the Pink
    Best Friend: Meet Me at Midnight
    Mom: Serpentia
    Sister: The Warrior Code
    Brother: Feed on Me
    Dad: The Revengeful
    Grandparents: Inseparable
    Kitchen: Slow Train (Album Outtake)
    Current Jewelry: It's a Beautiful Day<3
    Future Death: Dance With The Devil<3
    Instant Messenger Screen Name: Poundcake
    Purse/Wallet: Run
    Current Perfume: Deep in My Heart
    Boyfriend/Girlfriend: The Air That I Breathe<3
    Kisses: When my love has left your heart
    Hugs: My Generation (instrumental version)
    Love: S.T.D.'s

    Where Are You? Nick of Time
    What Are You Watching? We March<3
    Who Do You Love? Pulse of the Maggots<3
    Why Are You Still Alive? Iowa<3
    What Color Is Your Hair? Let's Pretend We're Married
    What Color Are Your Eyes? Lunar Silhouette
    Do You believe in the Easter Bunny? Pray For All
    How Much Money Do You Have? A Gypsy's Kiss
    How Many Friends Do You Have? How Did I Fall in Love with You<3
    How Old Are You? Ride the Lightning
    Are You Currently Wearing Socks? Bikedance
    When Was the Last Time You Saw Your Dad? Panama
    Have You ever Kissed Someone Of the Same Sex? Larger Than Life<3
    Have You Ever Watched the Sun Set? Why Don't You See Me
    Do You Like Orange Juice? The Perfect Fan
    What Color Is Your Room? My Derailment
    How Many Boyfriends/Girlfriends Have You Had This Year? Crawl Away
    Why Are You Taking This Survey? Ceremony Of Shiva
    Where Is Your Cell Phone? Public Display Of Dismemberment
    Do You Even Have a Cell Phone? Screw
    When Was The Last Time It Snowed? In Thy Pandemaeturnum
    Is It Cloudy Outside? The Fallen Angel
    Do You Wear Glasses? Our Secret Garden
    When Was The Last Time You Took A Shower? Do it

    Do You Feel...
    Depressed? The Red<3
    Happy? Pink Flamingo
    Concerned? Heartbreaker [Remix]
    Mad? Mary Jane
    Content? Who Cares Wins
    Scared? All the Way
    Bored? Dragon Tribe
    Jealous? Indigo Eyes<3
    Innocent? No Stranger to Love (Alternative Version) (Bonus Track)<3
    Evil? Listen To The Bell

    The weather outside is...Parental Guidance
    I feel like... Signs
    I would really love to... Shape the Sky
    I want to kill... Just Barely Breathing<3
    No one can stop me from... The Falcon To The Falconer
    Today I will... 7
    Love is like... Wed the Dead (live)
    I would call myself...Krigsstev
    I've never been to... Do Me Baby
    If I were a... Disturbing the Priest
    Never forget to... Wishing Well
    Noone believes me when...Winter
    I would never... Tearing the Veil from Grace<3
    I could see myself... Ishfwilf
    I'm as fun as... Perfect Strangers
    I wish... My Friend of Misery
    He will never understand why... I Can't Live With You (1997 Rocks Retake)
    I'm nearly... Remember
    I want to see...Jars<3
    I want to eat... Darkcell Ad
    At night time... The Corner
    My fashion sense is... Fray
    I cry when... Zaned People
    What hurts you now... A Ringing In Their Ears
    The most annoying thing is... Blush
    What is the only thing you regret... Victim of Changes (Live)
    The moon is... Spontaneous Human Detonation
    I get tired when...Bucket T
    I lack... Action! Not Words
    I'm so absorbing in... Snuff
    I should be...The Hand of Death<3
    I can't seem to forget... Earth
    Where in the world is... Nightingale<3
    I don't want to hear... Die Eier von Satan
    Don't give up on... So Far, So Pleased ((feat. Gwen Stefani)
    I should give up on... I Want<3
    I want to be... B-Movie Scream Queen<3
    I like alot of... Underture
    I often think about... The Ophelia's Ghost
    I don't understand why...A Silent Murder
    Guys are... Steamrock Fever
    Girls go to... I'm Alive
    I'm in trouble for... Dying By The Golden Rule<3
    Candy is for... Endorphins
    Take me to...Razorblades<3
    All I've ever cared about was... Words Of A Fool
    Take me away from... Wasteland
    The worst possible thing is... The Sanity Assassin
  • My Top 100 Favorite Albums Of All Time

    1. Feb. 2011, 1:16

    100.x.The Black Album.x.Last but not least... Though I loved this album to death rarely listen to Metallica anymore and I really should. I want Nothing Else Matters played at my wedding. Best ballad ever!.x.
    99.x.La Sexorcisto Devil Music.x.Wish this band would get back together so I could see them live. After hearing Thunder Kiss 65' I was hooked.. and still am. They'd be higher but I don't listen to the cd enough.x.
    98.x.Don't Say No.x.Classic album! In The Dark, The Stroke, Lonely Is The Night... The list goes on. Every song is great to listen too.x.
    97.x.Because of the Times.x.Sounds different then their earlier stuff, but the lyrics are still amazing. I really enjoy evey song on this album equally.x.
    96.x.Temple of the Dog.x.One of the best albums I've ever listened too..And though I've known about it aawhile now. I wish I knew about it sooner so it could have gotten more plays. Chris Cornell delivers too good in this album.x.
    95.x.Operation Mindcrime.x.One Hell of a cd. I can listen too all the way through and NOT skip a song. It sucks you in and takes youon a journey.x.
    94.x.The All American Rejects.x.Decicated this whole album to my ex girlfriend. Even though I wasn't even eally upset we broke up. Just thought it was a funny thing to do.x.
    93.x.Start Static.x.I used to drive around with my friends screaming the lyrics to all the songs. Too many fun times blasting this cd. Even my ex and I used to play it while driving around in the car aimlessly.x.
    92.x.Throwing Copper.x.90's alternative has always been my favorite type of music. This cdalways bings me back to that time. Still fun and just as good as when I first listened to it.x.
    91.x.Sing the Sorrow.x.Have been a fan for years but this one made me Idolize Davey<3. Alot more goth than their older stuff which is way I loved it so much.x.
    90.x.Keasby Knights.x.Because I have a thing for ska LOL. .Reminds of being 14 and rocking out with my friends to this album hardcore.x.
    89.x.The Resisitance.x.Love this one and all the angst they put into it. Makes me feel like giving the finger to the world LOL.x.
    88.x.Comalies.x.First cd to intriduce me them, thoughI really love their early cds. The new stuff is lacking and I lost most of my interest. I still play this cd regularly though.x.
    87.x.Wreath Of Barbs.x.Though a fan off all his work, this cd has this really beautiful sound to it. The Title track being the nest song on the album.x.
    86.x.Listen Like Thieve.x.Didn't think I was only going to put one INXS album on here did you? Michael deserves more respect than that LOL.x.
    85.x.Deliverance.x.Title track is one hell of a song along with the rest of the album. Came ou kind of along with Damnation, but this came out first.x.
    84.x.Contraband.x.Yay... for more Scott Weiland. This would be higher but for reasons I wont discuss I stopped playing this cd despite how much I enjoy it.x.
    83.x.The Warrior's Code.x.Only because Playing I'm Shipping Up To Boston is a blast when your at the bar drinking. People really get into it.x.
    82.x.Psycho Magnet.x.Never get tired of this album. Love the whole Darkwave sound to it. Sad I don't play i enough either.x.
    81.x.Kick.x.One of my favoite 80's bands and Michaeel Hutchinson was the hottest men toever grace this earth. R.I.P<3.x.
    80.x.Black Holes and Revelations.x.Muse does it again with another rocking album. Matthew Bellamy's voice never fails to surprise me. And the sound is amazing.x.
    79.x.Damnation.x.The Prettiest cd Opeth has ever done and it's perfect. I'm so glad they made this cd, gives me so much resepct for them. When you want something less harsh, this is it.x.
    78.x.Bloody Kisses.x.Black No.1<3 After hearing October Rust I went back and checked this out. I;ve never looked back LOL.x.
    77.x.How We Quit the Forest.x.Got to love the cello players. Everything they do I enjoy. Each cd unique and full of cello rock.x.
    76.x.Lake of Sorrow.x.Imo, the most beautifulest cd you;ll ever listen too. The violin getsme everytime> I think more bands need to put vioilins in there cds.x.
    75.x.Songs of Darkness, Words of Light.x.In the simpiliest words AMAZIING. Can never go wrong with My Dying Bride or Doom Metal imo.x.
    74.x.An Elixir for Existence.x.Though their first cd is alot heavier, this cd was the first I listned to whenI found out Morten had left Tristania. Curious, I was NOT disaappointed.x.
    73..x.Absolution.x.Because this band is more than amazing. One listen and I realized the band's greatness. Each album different too in it's own way.x.
    72.x.The Light at the End of the World.x.Discovered them after discovering Anathema. So glad I finally did. Their sound amazes me and this is just simply beautiful.x.
    71.x.Blackwater Park.x.Being as it's the first I've ever heard, it's still the first I'll listen to when I'm in the mood for some Opeth, Though NOT into Death Metal so much the Progressive sound too it works for me.x.
    70.x.Music for the Masses.x."Strangelove... Strange highs and strange lows. Strangelove...That's how my love goes". That song alone makes this cd a mention.x.
    69.x.Cabin Fever.x.First cd I heard by this band. Loved the Cellos and started listening to more of their stuff/i].x.
    68.x.World of Glass.x.Another beautiful album by Vibeke and Morten and the rest of the band. Trail Of Tears singer does vocals on this it's amazing.x.
    67.x.October Rust.x.Got into this cd because a friend of mine told me he wanted to ge married to Love You Too Death and showed me the song. I was instantly in-love with the cd.x.
    66.x.Nightfall.x.Beacause Your Are Bewittched!.x.
    65.x.Wasting the Dawn.x.Title track has an amazing video starring Ville Vale playing Jim Morrison. Two Of the most beautiful men ever. How could I NOT enjoy the cd?.x.
    64.x.Arcane Rain Fell.x.Speaking of Doom Metal. My favorite Goth Doom album. Daylight Misery and Oh Death Come Near Me two amazing depressing songs for that moment of complete sadness.x.
    63.x.The Silent Enigma.x.Still part of their Doom Metal days. Beautiful cd and one of my favorite Doom Metal albums to listen too.x.
    62.x.The Used.x.Soundtrack to my life in 2002. Would be higher but the cd hasn't been around long enough for me too say I've played it so much. I do consider them one of my favorite bands. And the cd gets played more often than NOT.x.
    61.x.Around the Fur.x.Defines my childhoof]d. Used to play this constantly but after White Pony came out NOT so much. I Still try to play it every once in a while.x.
    60.x.Symbols.x.First cd I ever listened too by this band and by the first take I loved it. When I'm in my KMFDM moment i's Nihil first followed by this one. Thats how they got so hi on here LOL.x.
    59.xViolator.x.Defiantly their best album. Enjoy The Silence imo is the greatest song ever written. I hate all the stupid covers bands do of that song, They all suck!.x.
    58.x.Open Up and Say... Ahh!.x.You knew I had to throw some Poison on here. Bret Michaels is all I have too. Reminds of freshmen year where out of nowhere my friend Dina and I become obsessed with them..x.
    57.x.Widows Weeds.x.Their first and with the most goth sound. Vibeke vocals as always are amazing on every cd. Mortens are too.x.
    56.x.Hot Fuss.x.Got way too excited when this came out. Blasted it everywhere. Reminds me of the 80's and that just makes me happy.x.
    55.x.Collective Soul.x.Because The World I Know needs to be somewhere on the list LOL.x.
    54.x.Clear Hearts and Grey Flowers.x.My favorite Riot Girrl album of all time. Played this tons when I was younger. Still brings out my inner angry girl inside.x.
    53.x.Vulgar Display of Power.x.As I said before should be higher considering they are one of my favorite bands, but I rarely listen to this cd anymore. NOT that I don't want too I just don't. Walk was the song that made me become a fan.x.
    52.x.Nihil.x.Even though they are high on my most listened too bands, I go through moods where this cd is played repeatedly then nothing. Thats when the other bands start take over. But of all KMFDM this one gets the most attention. The Sound makes me hyped up..x.
    51.x.Frustration Plantation.x.Awesome cello rock with a mixture of goth on this one. Love the way it sounds together.x.
    50.x.Catastrophe Ballet.x.Rozz Williams was one of my favorite front mans. Thus cd is the oerfect example of deathrock an how it should sound.x.
    49.x.Beyond the Veil.x.Gothic Metal besides Grunge is my favorite genre. This band is beautiful and powerful... Album is like an orgasm too my ears. The perfect definition of goth metal.x..
    48.x.Keeper of the Seven Keyspart I.x.First Helloween album I heard... Saw Halloween on a music channel and loved it. Since then I've become quite fond of Power Metal.x.
    47.x.A Fever You Can't Sweat Out.x.More "emo" that I shouldn't enjoy but I do. Loved this cd when it first came out because it was different at my girlfriend at the time/who I am currently with again loved them so kept listening to them.x.
    46.x.This Is Love, This Is Murderous.x.NOT being a huge fan of Metalcore at the time, this album stuck out because of the keyboards and lyrics having to deal with a beak up I was going through. Was obsessed with this cd for awhile. Even saw the band live at Warped Tour 2005.x.
    45.x.x.Only Theatre Of Pain.x.Rozz Williams delivers another amazing cd. Deathrock/Goh rock and Punk all rolled into one
    44,x.Midian.x.Despite owning every album I can't list everyone. Damnation And A Day was the first I ever bought by them... Cthulhu Dawn and ortured Soul Asylum made me prefer this cd over it.x.
    43.x.Revolver.x.If this cd had come out earlier it would defiantly be higher on my last. Listened to this cd on repeat for months and scram along with it til I couldn't scream anymore.x.
    42.x.Fallen.x.Keeping with the Finnish theme... beautiful melodic goth metal cd. Discovered by accident but slowly becoming a number one..x.
    41.x.Blesse Be.x.Because Finnish Bands rock! Got into them because they were similar to H.I.M. The gothicness and Finnishness work for me.x.
    40.x.Bringing Down The Horse.x.All in all an amazing band, amazing voice. One Headlight one of my favorite songs, can still calm me down when I'm stressed. and makes me feel at peace. Jakob Dylan is beauiful and talented.x.
    39.x.Serenades.x.First Doom Metal Band and cd to grab my interest. Though I love their new stuff, their old stuff has a special place in my heart.x.
    38.x.Tell All Your Friends.x.Definatly their best cd. Brings out the "emo" in me and I like it lol.x.
    37.x.Fallen.x.Amy Lee is stunning. Only cd by them that has any real meaning to me. So many memories attached to this album.x.
    36.x.Love Metal.x.Title says it all... Just another brilliant album by my favorite finnish guy Ville<3 Fortress Of Teas gets me everytime.x.
    35.x.White Pony.x.After being a huge fan already from their first two albums. This one had it's own personality and became a massive part of my daily life.Still plays regularyand loud.x.
    34.x.Bela Lugosi's Dead.x.Still the best goth ock album in history. It will always be goth at it;s finest.x.
    33.x.Bitter Suites To Succubi.x.Again NOT the first album to turn me onto Cradle Of Filth, but their cover Of The Sisters Of Mercy made me fall inlove with this cd.. and Suicide and other comforts<3.x.
    32.x.Master Of The Rings.x.Though NOT he first cd to get me into this band, Andi ders'svoice made me fall in-love with this album. In The Middle Of The Heartbeat was dedicated to my ex, now girlfriend.x.
    31.x.Cowboys From Hell.x.Would be higher but I don' listen to this album entirely enough. All their cds are big parts of my childhood. I want Cemetary Gates played at my funeral.x.
    30.x.Some Girls Wander by Mistake.x.A pretty close second to Floodland. Though NOT my favorite it's just as good. Can listen to the entire cd all the way through and NOT hate one song.x.
    29.x.Unknown Pleasures.x.Would probably be higher on my list if I was a fan of them earlier.. Became quickly one of my favorite bands though and still going strong. R.I.P. Ian Curtis<3.x.
    28.x.Floodland.x.Hard to pick one album as my favorite. All are just as good. This is the first I ever heard from this band so it comes up first. Andrew's voice is what makes me adore this band and brings out that goth sound.x.
    27.x.Pornography.x.Second album to bring out my depression.. but not quite as often as Disintegration. Got into tis one alittle laer on so i doesn't have as many spins.x.
    26.x.Do or Die.x.Just has childhood memories written all over it. Celtic Punk.. who would have eve though?.x.
    25.x.Cinema Verite.x.Who doesn't love Anything Anything? Album is just too much NOT too like. Love to play this cd and sing along.x.
    .x.[24.x.Down on the Upside.x.mMmMm Chis Cornell. Though SuperUnknown is their more known Pretty Noose got me addicted to this cd.x.
    23.x.Purple.x.Another c]album to feed my Scott Weiland obsesseion. Almost as perfect as their first if NOT just as.x.
    22.x.Without You I'm Nothing.x.Title track says it all... Great sound! Reminds me of my childhood.x.
    21.x.Downward Spiral.x.I guess i should be higher, but I don't listen to it nearly enough for it to be, though in all honesty it isn't under played.x.
    20.x.Millenium.x.Yes! Iput this. If I was still 14 this would definatly be number 1. I played this cd so much I'm even surprised i still know every word of every song. I was completely obsessed with them[/album].x.
    19.x.Darkest Days.x.Lived this cd and survived. Still breaks me heart when I listen but it's worth it for its anger and pain.x..
    18.x.Seven And The Ragged Tiger.x.Because it's almost as good as RIO. If Rio didn't exist this would be my favorite.x.
    17.x.Rio.x.My favorite New Wave band. Perfected the sound. This cd gives me a durangasm<3 every listen. Can't get enough of the hot Brits. Best listened too alone and at maximum volume.x.
    16.x.Razorblade Romance.x.Best Love Metal album ever. Was impressed when I first heard this, but I love it still. And Ville can get it any day LOL!.x.
    15.x.Apptite for Destruction.x.Despite being my favorite band, you'd think it be higher on the list, but theres too many good ones so this is where it falls.. It s an amazing album and one of my favorite to go crazy along with.x.
    14.x.Disintegration.x.Most beautiful and depressing cd ever. Got me through my worst and lowest times. Still gets me through my hard times.x.
    13.x.New Miserable Experience.x.Full of nostalgia. Reminds of being a little kid when I was still innocent and I had no worries.x.
    11.x.Hints, Allegations, and Things Left Unsaid.x.Heaven Light Shine Down is just a beautiful and amazing song.Whole album great.x.
    10.x.Pretty Hate Machine.x.Masterpece! Trent Reznor is God. His best album. Though imo they are all good.x.
    9.x.Candlebox.x.Broke this cd three times by out playing it lol. It'sa classic and bring back s many memories. Has my "suicide song" it. When I was really depressed I'd play it on repeat.x.
    8.x.Dirt.x.Of course this is on here and naturally my next favorite. Just flawless and grunge as hell.x.
    7.x.Jar of Flies.x.Being the big grunge fan that I am this ep goes without saying, Mourned Laynes death for months. And played this endlessly. Entire ep is amazing.x.
    6.x.Smash.x.Favorite band back in the early 90's. This cd still kicks assp.x.5.x.Candyass.x.CD that brought the goth come out of me.x.
    5.x.Nevermind.x.This cd changed my life. Still my favorite band.x.
    4.x.fear.x.CD brings out the worst and best in me. I'll be listening and crying and laughing at the same. Something about is just so peaceful makes me sad but I'm not depressed.x.
    3.x.Extreme Behavior.x.Another cd that I listened too on repeat. Also has alot of memories tied too it.x.
    2.x.Core.x.I've been in-love with Scott Weiland since this cd came out ..and still am.x.
    1.x.Break the Cycle.x.Despite never being able to listen to it again because of all the bad memories associated with it . It was in my cd player for months straight..x.
  • This calls for a celebration!

    22. Sep. 2010, 21:48

    Shuffle Survey
    You know the drill, shuffle your itunes or mp3 player & the songs will be the answers to the questions. try not to cheat, okay? oh, & the questions are very random. it doesn't matter if your answer is weird. that's the fun in it. enjoy!

    1) How is your boyfriend/girlfriend doing?
    song: Breakin' Hearts
    comment: Did I mention I hated men? lol

    2) Do you have anything to pay off?
    song: Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores (Single B Side)
    comment: I hear funerals are exspensive

    3) What are you wearing right now?
    song: Eternal
    comment: I have forever in my eyes

    4) Do you know anyone that wants you dead?
    song: Victim of Choices
    comment: By ny own decisions

    5) Do you believe that regrets are lessons learned?
    song: When The Body Speaks
    comment: I think that means, Yes?

    6) What are you listening to?
    song: Fallen Angel
    comment: Nope... I'm lying

    7) Where did you first hear this song?
    song: Corrosion
    comment: Off the cd

    8) Are you the one that normally makes the first move?
    song: Mic Check
    comment: IDK!

    9) Would you sacrifice yourself for a friend?
    song: Halo (Sensory Gate Aura Mix)
    comment: I guess NOT

    10) Whats really annoying you right now?
    song: Helicopter
    comment: No this survey with all these dumb answers is though

    11) State a fact about yourself.
    song: Tell Me Why
    comment: =]

    12) What did you do today?
    song: Lord Knows
    comment: HaHaHa... I' really did nothing but this survey so far

    13) Name your bestfriends.
    song: Imprisoned Sun
    comment: Thats NOT their names

    14) What's a saying you scream when something bad happens?
    song: All I Want
    comment: All I want is for things to be good again

    15)Are you always in a hurry?
    song: I'm Alive
    comment: YES!

    16)Do you drink/smoke?
    song: Hey World
    comment: I do both lol

    17)Whats one horrible thing you do?
    song: Inn i evighetens mørke part 2
    comment: Since I don't speak Norwedish I don't know how to answer

    18)What do people label you as?
    song: Soul Bleed
    comment: Vampire?

    19) Do people see you as a preppy person?
    song: The Devil You Know
    comment: HA! I'm too evil

    20) What do you hate most about the opposite sex?
    song: Rockin' On Heaven's Door
    comment: ????

    21)Whats your shoe size?
    song: Cure
    comment: Again... WTF??? Beautiful song though

    22)Do you currently work?
    song: Die in Winter (haujobb edit)
    comment: So only in the summer?

    23)What do you miss the most?
    song: Amorous
    comment: I like their new stuff

    24) Are you over your texts on your cellphone?
    song: No Crime
    comment: ALWAYS!

    25) Who do you know you can depend on?
    song: Nothing but Love
    comment: Fuck that! Love sucks!

    26) Whens your birthday?
    song: Dance of the Leaves
    comment: It's October so it got the right season

    27) Have any plans?
    song: Lovin' You's a Dirty Job
    comment: Isn't that enough?

    28) Rate yourself from 1-10
    song: Crushed (Scored Mix)
    comment: That's NOT too good

    29)Why do people like you?
    song: Oernst of Life
    comment: Idk what oernst means

    30)Do you take any prescribed medication?
    song: Just Shoot Me, Baby
    comment: Yeah, too many

    31)When you turn twenty-one you are going to do?
    song: Mehr
    comment: Another language I don't speak

    32)What are you going to do to prepare yourself for your future career?
    song: I Don't Wanna Be Me
    comment: That sums up my entire life
  • This took longer then should have =/

    21. Mai. 2010, 19:00

    The weather outside is...Tripped Out [No. The weather is pretty nice today.]
    I feel like... All Day Long [Yes. It's going to be a long day. Its mad early.]
    I would really love to... Entombed Monarch [DIE?]
    No one can stop me from... Live Love Together [People do try though.]
    Today I will... One Foot In The Grave [Probably.]
    Love is like... The Mourning After (Carry On) [LOL!]
    I would call myself... There's a Reason for It [HA! I wouldn't call myself that if there wasn't.]
    I've never been to... Yesterday Don't Mean Shit [Ummm...]
    If I were a... Distant Vision [That's kinda sadd.]
    If I ever forget to... Eternal Disease [This playlist is morbid today =[]
    Noone believes me when... The Show Must Go On [Freddy Mercury<3]
    I would never... The Devil To Pay [Too late. Sold my soul a long time ago.]
    I could see myself... Chant of the Eastern Lands [If I was Pagan or a Viking.]
    I'm as fun as... Die [Apparently I'm NOT.]
    I wish... Necrophilia [HaHa... No.]
    He will never understand why... Don't Tread on Me [ASSHOLE!]
    I'm nearly... Shadows Follow [What?]
    I want to see... Bard's Burial [Who's Bard?]
    At night time... Midnight Bird [I guess it makes some sense LOL.\
    My fashion sense is... Second Sight [That good huh.]
    I cry when... Triumph for My Magic Steel [Thought triumph is a good thing]
    The most annoying thing is... Musicatto [Yes.]
    The moon is... Back On The Streets [Was it ever NOT?]
    I get tired when... Dear Old Fame [Being famous is exhausting.]
    I lack... Punish My Heaven [Pretty much.]
    I'm so absorbing in... Run Cold [I don't mind the cold]
    I should be... Time And Again [Pretty song.]
    I can't seem to forget... Child King [Don't know any kings =/]
    Where in the world is... Sunny Mystery [What's a sunny mystery?]
    I don't want to hear... Hard to Love You [=[]
    Don't give up on... The Message [True story.]
    I should give up on... Look at the Time [Yeah. Gave up a long time ago LOL.]
    I want to be... Intro [HA.]
    I like alot of... Say The Word (Extended Instrumental Remix) [Depends what the "word" is]
    I often think about... Disharmonic Convergence [Yes. Constantly LOL.]
    I don't understand why... Bittersweet [Yummm Bret!]
    Guys are... Burning [LOL. At the stake?]
    Girls go to... You Know What I Like [YES! WOMEN.]
    I'm in trouble for... In The Dark [HAHAHA![]
    Candy is for.. Mourning Soil [Sure.]
    Take me to... Ice [I hate ice and snow =/.]
    All I've ever cared about was... Bridge of Death [Suicide?]
    Take me away from... Into the Dead Sky [???]
    The worst possible thing is... Thirty-Three [I will be soon LOL]
  • Yes... I'm bored

    13. Dez. 2009, 8:06

    Your first words were?
    I do like being home.. LOL

    When you fell down from your bike, what did you say?
    Catch (Live Bootleg)
    The song talks about falling alot. HaHa

    What does your friends think of you?
    Corona Radiata
    I don't know what to say

    What do you think about your friends?
    Spank Thru (live)
    What's with these songs?

    What was the first thing you said to your crush?
    guess if I had a reason too

    What was the first thing your crush said to you?
    Saft Und Kraft
    Being that I have a ton of this band, they are going to come up alot

    How did you respond?
    No Memory
    HA !!!

    What did you say when your best friend and you were having a fight?
    Manic Aeon
    Being that I'm Bi-Polar it actually makes sense

    What is the line that describes what you’re feeling?
    Again... What??

    What is your message to the world?
    Before my time lol

    What was the first thing you said in your wedding vows?
    It's in German LOL

    What did your husband/wife say on their wedding vows?
    Eagle Fly Free
    Hahahaha... Sounds like a divorce already

    What is the first song you will dance to on your wedding?
    Limo Wreck
    That's just hilarious

    When you’re scared, what do you usually say?
    Here It Comes Again
    Yeah, pretty much

    When you cry, what do you usually say?
    The Lady Is a Vamp
    I Love The Spice Girls

    When you’re angry, what do you usually say?
    HA.. There is none when I'm pissed

    You cry over what words?
    That's What I Get

    What did you say when you told your/or your partner/friends that you were pregnant?
    Super Power

    What did they say?
    Sole Survivor
    I seriously doubt it. I don't want any

    What’s your biggest secret?
    I Love You Dawn
    Not a secret anymore lol

    When you breakup with someone what do you say?
    Told you about KMFDM

    Your first thought when you wake up?
    Don't know what that means lol

    What are the last words you will say?
    To Bid You Farwell
  • Don't deny. I'm good at what I do

    3. Jul. 2009, 22:39

    Turn on the shuffle in your player, play all your songs and let the music be your prophet...


    Where do you live?

    Song: Illusion & Dream
    Comment: It's only true because I sleep too much lol. Though what is too much really?

    Describe your first love:

    Song: Would You Go With Me
    Comment: She did come back =]

    Describe your current crush:

    Song: Rocket
    Comment: My girlfriend doesn't evenmake me feel like that.. and I love her

    What is your challenge?

    Song: Running Back <3
    Comment: Life story !!!

    Who are your friends?

    Song: New American Classic
    Comment: Hmmm... Pretty song though

    [b[Describe your appearance:

    Song: track artist=Ram Jam]Black betty[.track]
    Comment: No. But I'm pretty close. LOL!

    What did you do last night?

    Song: Sister Don't Cry
    Comment: It's true. I definitely didn't cry

    Where were you last night?

    Song: Don't Tell No Lies
    Comment: Thats why I won't tell you anything :D

    What is your life endeavour?

    Song: Radio<3
    Comment: I don't really think so, but its a beautiful song

    When do you have sex?

    Song: Into the Darkness (Vocal Remix)
    Comment: Yeah. I HATE the daytime LOL!

    How do you have sex?

    Song: Shake Me Up
    Comment: Seriously. Rough Sex is the best

    Where do you have sex?

    Song: Time Runs Wild
    Comment: =D

    How do you want to die?

    Song: Hold Back the Rain<3
    Comment: I always though it would rain when I died. HMMM... I'd be happy having a DURANGASM though. LOL!

    Where do you want to die?

    Song: Sister Europe (Live)
    Comment: So... In England watching The Psychedelic Furs. Im definitely fine with that

    What do you want to say to your parents?

    Song: Feels Like the First Time<3
    Comment: They've heardit all. NOT!

    Where do you spend your time?

    Song: Spit Or Swallow
    Comment: HAHAHAHAHAHA !!!

    How do you spend your time?

    Song: Heaven
    Comment: If I even go there wen I die... =[

    What are your views on the society?

    Song: The Second Wrong Makes You Feel Right
    Comment: Fuck Yes!

    Describe your latest heartache:

    Song: Mr. Integrity
    Comment: Do I have any of that?

    What is your explanation for everything?

    Song: Terrible Lie<3
    Comment: YES! Life in gerneal is

    What do you think about during Fridays?

    Song: Hotel California
    Comment: pb]HeHeHe... Let's party it up

    What are the questions in life you would like to have an answer to?

    Song: The No Seatbelt Song<3
    Comment: The seatbelt law does make me mad though

    What would you like to do right now?

    Song: Tragic Comic
    Comment: Be a comedian? Maybe if I was funny.

    Describe your best friend:

    Song: Push It
    Comment: Cause that makes alot of sense.. LOL!

    What do you have under your bed?

    Song: Twenty Four Hours
    Comment: Yes... I hold "time" in my hands

    What has been your greatest achievement?

    Song: This Corrosion<3
    Comment: Ummm... No!

    Where will you go for honeymoon?

    Song: Spund Effects and Overdramatics<3
    Comment: Okay. NOT really a place

    What do you have on your To Do List?

    Song: Late Goodbye
    Comment: Theres plenty of people I do need to tell ]goodbye too

    Where would you rather be right now?

    Song: Territorial Pissings
    Comment: Sure =P
  • Lets play 21 questions but with 50 instead

    22. Jun. 2009, 23:38

    50 questions about top 50.

    1.How did you get into no.29?
    Edguy: Randomly looking up Power Metal bands and really their sound

    2. What's the first song you ever heard by no.22?
    Jesus Built My Hotrod

    3. Whats your favorite lyric by no.33?
    Reel Big Fish "Hey kids, it's time to use the F word"

    4. How did you get into no.49?
    Echo And The Bunnymen: Being obsessed with the 80's I just started listening to everything that came out of that era

    5. How many albums by no.13 do you own?
    Savatage: A friend burned all their cds for me.

    6. What is your favorite song by no.50?
    Love Will Tear Us Apart<3

    7. Is there a song by no.39 that makes you sad?
    Leather Strip: Not particularly

    8. What is your favorite song by no.15?
    This Corrosion, Lucretia My Reflection: ...so many others

    9. What is your favorite song by no.5?
    Something I Can Never Have<3

    10. Is there a song by no.6 that makes you happy?
    Stray Bullet

    11. What is the worst song by no.40?
    a-ha: None. Everything they make is good

    12. What is your favorite song by no.10?
    Desperate Now, Save Yourself: ... Again. Another band with so many favorites

    13. What is a good memory you have involving no.30?
    Garbage: Reminds me of my childhood

    14. What is your favorite song by no.38?
    Mother: Obviously LoL

    15. Is there a song by no.19 that makes you happy?
    Barbara Ann =]

    16. Is there a song by no.25 that makes you sad?
    I Want to Know What Love Is<3: If that song doesn't make you cry you seriously have no heart

    17. What is the first song you ever heard by 23?
    Nightwish: I don't remember

    18. What's your favorite lyric by no.11?
    Hours Passed In Exhile: Lyrics to that song just amaze me

    19. Who is a favorite member of no.1?
    Toad The Wet Sprocket: The singer?

    20. Is there a song by no.14 that makes you happy?
    Do You Dream of Me<3: Beautiful album

    21. What is a good memory involving no.27?
    Kamelot: Ummm... None

    22. What is your favorite song by no.16?
    Hinder: Their first whole cd

    23. What is the first song you ever heard by no.47?
    Shine: It has nostalgia written all over it

    24. What is your favorite album by no.18?
    Something Wicked This Way Comes

    25. What is your favorite song by no.21?
    I Don't Know If I Should Stay<3: Bad Memories

    26. What is the first song you ever heard by no.26?
    Just Like Honey

    27. What is your favorite album by no.3?
    Razorblade Romance: It's still my favourite

    28. What is you favorite song by no.2?
    Blue and Yellow<3, im a fake<3: Their one of my favourite bands, I like all their songs

    29. What was the first song you ever heard by no.32?
    Blister In The Sun: Isn't it the one everyone heard first?

    30. What is you favorite song by no.8?
    Another Shot Of Your Love: Makes me think of my <3girlfriend<3

    31. How many times have you seen no.17 live?
    Cradle of Filth: Never. Hoping too soon though

    32. Is there a song by no.44 that makes you happy?
    Slut: Odd song but good lyrics

    33. How did you get into no.12?
    In Flames: By accident. Was looking up new music, liked what I saw

    34. What is the worst song by no.45?
    Billy Squier: Is there?

    35. What was the first song you ever heard by no.34?
    [track artist]The Haunted]: Whatever they were playing on Headbangers Ball lol

    36. What was the first song you ever heard by no.48?
    Loved Walked In: Really pretty song

    37. How many times have you seen no.42 live?
    INXS=[ Michael was dead before I was even old enough

    38. What is you favorite song by no.36?
    Wings of Steel<3: Singer has a beautfil voice

    39. What was the first song you ever heard by no.28?
    Gamma Ray: Couldnt tell ya

    40. What is you favorite album by no.7?
    Out Of The Silence: Perfect Aor album

    41. Is there a song by no.31 that makes you happy?
    No 31 =[

    42. What is your favorite album by no.41?
    Again no 41

    43. What is your favorite song by no.24?
    Blue Tears<3: Such a beautiful ballad.

    44. What is a good memory you have involving no.46?
    Rasputina: No memories, just good angry chick music

    45. What is your favorite song by no.35?
    Creep: But I love everything off their first album

    46. Is there a song by no.9 that makes you happy?
    In the Middle of a Heartbeat: makes me think of Carol-ann<3

    47. What is your favorite album by no.4?
    Disintegration, Pornography: Both excellent albums

    48. Who is your favorite member of no.37?
    No number 37.

    49. What is the first song you ever heard by no.43?
    WTF! NO number 43 either

    50. What is your favorite song by no.20?
    Piece of Mind: Boston kicks ass
  • Famous Last Words

    8. Jun. 2009, 3:05

    Put your iTunes on shuffle, but instead of just putting the name of the song, write the first sentence of the song as a response to the questions.

    These were my first words:
    Its instrumental lol
    Woodpecker From Mars

    This is what my mom said when she gave birth to me:
    "Turn it up"
    Sweet Home Alabama

    This is what I say every morning when I wake up:
    Another instrumental song lol

    This is what my friends think of me:
    "Oh Yeah Yeah Yeah"
    Chloe Dancer Crown Of Thorns

    These are the first words I spoke to my true love:
    "We spotted the ocean at the head of the trail"
    Walk On The Ocean

    If someone says this, it makes me mad:
    "I think you can do much better than me"
    Better Than Me

    This is my battle cry:
    "I can see it in your eyes"
    This Love

    This is my outlook on life:
    "You wired me awake. And hit me with a hand of broken nails"
    Rusty Cage

    This is my message to the world:
    "When you feel all alone and the world has turned its back on you"
    Crash and Burn

    This always cheers me up:
    "I don't remember quite how I met you, wasn't long ago"
    Last Chance on the Stairway

    This is what my last boyfriend/girlfriend said to break up with me:
    "Born from silence, silence full of it"
    Dead Boy's Poem

    People think I'm crazy if I say this:
    "The black hole. Forever mine. I need the fear"
    Crawl Through Knives

    I said this when I lost my virginity:
    "Tell me why the seasons change"

    I'd say this to break up with someone:
    "One song glory, one song before I go glory"
    One Song Glory

    I said this when I found out I was pregnant/got someone pregnant:
    "Is it worth it, can you hear me"
    The Taste of Ink

    I said this in my wedding vows:
    "she's got the anger of a suffragette but she's crying a river"
    Disco Hades II

    People said this when I got married:
    "When I was just a young boy, I had to work hard 'cause my daddy was gone"
    Lay It On The Line

    This is what I said when I proposed/was proposed to:
    "Precious and fragile things need special handling"

    I said this when I was fired from/quit my job:
    "Another head hangs lowly, Child is slowly taken."

    My last words:
    "Prison gates wont open for me, on my hands and knees I'm crawling"
    Savin' Me

    What people say at my funeral:
    "We're not indestructible, Baby better get that straight."
    No Easy Way Out
  • Since I cleaned out my Itunes... I wonder what songs will be coming up

    5. Nov. 2008, 23:15

    Life: Shuffled Music Player
    (Turn Your Music Player on shuffle and answer w/ songs)

    Your Name Is?: You Better Wait ...I guess your NOT ready for it yet ..LOL

    How Old Are You?: Everlost (Part II) ..HA!

    I Am Labeled What?: Selling God ...Damn!! Now I am definately going to hell

    Do You Think You're Messed Up?: The Quiet Place ...Umm???

    Your Family Thinks You Are?: Navigator ...Yeah okay. I'm the first to get lost

    Friends think you are?: Tragedy ...HaHaHa! I think I am too

    Teachers (Past or Present) Think You Are?: Save You ...I know they wanted too ..LOL!

    Strangers Say To You: Hold on Loosely ...LoL ..No, but .38 Special does

    Your Mom: Can't Stop Missing You ..They say this too my mom or she says it too me?

    What song do you listen to when you're bored?: Hold (Kirlian Camera Remix) ...Right now I am =]

    Happy?: Lady Picture Show ..When Scott Weiland is singing I'm always happy

    Sad?: Sword ...I guess if I was too into battle

    Excited?: Remember Tomorrow ..If it was a good day of course

    Lazy?: The Number of the Beast ...HaHaHa! That's right! I let satan do all the work

    Paranoid: shrouded are the pleasures of ...Paranoia !!!

    People are: Forever ..Too bad we aren'tI'm NOT immortal

    Everyday is: Heroes Die Young ..True

    Right Now You Are: Otterley ..WTF!!!

    I Wish I Was: Git Go ...Yeah ...I'd like too get the fuck out of here ..LoL!

    Candy Is: Imperfectly ...Well most is pretty yummy

    Love Is: Sleepless ...Since when? LoL!

    You Like: This Is My Life ...And it sucks

    Are You In A Relationship?: Pieces ...No, I'm in a full relationship LoL! But pretty song =]

    If You've Ever Been In Love, How Was It: Wild Hunt ...Finding the right person is!

    Girls Or Guys?: Lies ...HAHAHA!