• Imogen... Imogen... Imogen...

    10. Mär. 2010, 19:34

    Tue 9 Mar – Imogen Heap, Helgi Jonsson

    She was charming. Intelligent. Funny. We sang with her. We felt her deeply. She promised she will come back! We are already waiting!!!!!!
  • Hey You!

    26. Jan. 2010, 10:28

    You standing there
    Oblivious sky blue eyes
    that look at me
    Your lips smile suddenly
    Cheers to you
    Your charming accent gets my ears
    we are foreign to the place
    Blonde crazy hair
    my hands want to get lost through
    I try not to smile too much
    It is clear we want
    And the talk begins
    It is clear how we want
    But talk turns interesting
    What a nice intelligent eccentric man you are
    What an elegant gentleman you are
    Your eyes. Your eyes. Hey you... look at me!
  • Freedom

    26. Jan. 2010, 10:08

    Today being between the snow
    Remembered long ago how
    I wanted to slow
    Fall down
    Onto you
    Today life has turned
    And like the snow
    I float endlessly away
    Happily discovering Freedom.
  • The Way

    19. Aug. 2009, 12:36

    "True Words aren't eloquent, eloquent words aren't true.
    Wise men don't have to prove their point, men who need to prove their point aren't wise".
  • Meaning

    12. Aug. 2009, 21:48

    "Be consequent with your words, otherwise, stop them."
  • Bla, bla, bla...

    11. Aug. 2009, 16:14

    "Is about what you do with your beliefs, not what you SAY about them"
  • Brain Discussions 1

    10. Aug. 2009, 5:18

    my brain is giving busy signal, shows nothing, lets nothing. she is busy, maybe. she moves, runs, goes, comes, tries to make sense. but when i try her again, she is sending a busy signal. i am not done. i have to walk up the way and sense you again. the wall you create, that invisible wall i will tear once again because i can. unlike a bird against the window, again and again because i will go thru it. i know. my brain has no power over me. the power i got over her is exactly why she is hiding. she knows i can change her, outgrow her, and she is elastic, plastic, ready to be another. I know it.

    We make a pact, we do, we do it, we try, the two of us, my brain and i. no more busy signal? not sure. i'd have to find out, but i am sure she is ready to come to me again.
  • Numb

    8. Aug. 2009, 22:43

    Don't move
    Don't talk out of time
    Don't think
    Don't worry
    Everything's just fine
    Just fine
    Don't grab
    Don't clutch
    Don't hope for too much
    Don't breathe
    Don't achieve
    Or grieve without a leave
    Don't check
    Just balance on the fence
    Don't answer
    Don't ask
    Don't try and make sense
    Don't whisper
    Don't talk
    Don't run if you can walk
    Don't cheat, compete
    Don't miss the one beat
    Don't travel by train
    Don't eat
    Don't spill
    Don't piss in the drain
    Don't make a will
    Don't fill out any forms
    Don't compensate
    Don't cower
    Don't crawl
    Don't come around late
    Don't hover at the gate
    Don't take it on board
    Don't fall on your sword
    Just play another chord
    If you feel you're getting bored
    Too much is not enough
    I feel numb

    Don't change your brand
    Don't listen to the band
    Don't gape
    Don't ape
    Don't change your shape
    Have another grape
    Gimme what you got
    Gimme what I don't get
    Gimme some more

    Too much is not enough
    I feel numb
    Gimme some more
    A piece of me, baby
    I feel numb

    Don't plead
    Don't bridle
    Don't shackle
    Don't grind
    Don't curve
    Don't swerve
    Lie, die, serve
    Don't theorize, realise, polarise
    Glance, dance, dismiss, apologise
    Gimme some more
    I feel numb
    Gimme some more
    I feel numb
    Gimme what you got
    Gimme what I don't get
    Gimme what you got
    Too much is not enough

    Don't spy
    Don't lie
    Don't try
    I feel numb
    Start again
    Don't triumph
    Don't coax
    Don't cling
    Don't hoax
    Don't freak
    Don't leak
    I feel numb

    Don't speak
    Don't project
    Don't connect
    Don't expect
    I feel numb

    Don't project
    Don't connect
    Don't expect

    I feel numb

    Don't struggle
    Don't jerk
    Don't collar
    Don't work
    Don't wish
    Don't fish
    Don't teach
    Don't reach
    Don't borrow
    Don't break
    Don't fence
    Don't steal
    Don't pass
    Don't press
    Don't try
    Don't feel
    Too much is not enough
    I feel numb
    Gimme some more

    Don't touch
    Don't dive
    Don't suffer
    Don't rhyme
    Don't fantasize
    Don't rise
    Don't lie
    Don't project
    Don't connect
    Don't expect
    I feel Numb
  • Good bye (1 & 2.8.09)

    2. Aug. 2009, 19:00

    Hurt, I am hurt
    I cried all night long
    You pain me again
    What do you do to me?
    Is this your pain coming along?

    Try to ignore
    How pain life regains
    Only to make me insane
    Go away, let me be
    Never asked anything
    Much less your pain
    Got enough with my own
    The eternal inflicted harem
    of secretly owned masoquism

    Hurt, you hurt me
    I cried
    Your lies
    Those words hurt

    Meaningless to this day
    To the infinity of the air
    When no action is meant
    to support and to protect

    Stay away, come back never
    My tears will dry
    They will be no more

    You took all I could give
    Selfish, passive, snake
    Strangled my best
    And took it away

    I am in pain
    Hurt is in my heart
    Close to hate
    Ready to hit
    Shall I understand
    You need to grow up.
    Good bye.
  • Abrazame (1 & 2.8.09)

    2. Aug. 2009, 18:06

    Necesito un abrazo, me siento desolada, como una flor que delicadamente la lluvia desarma y poco a poco destruye. Mis piernas no tienen fuerza y como esa flor se escurren, encuentran la tierra, color desgastado, casi muertas.

    Trato inmensamente de dejar de pensar para poder fluir. Pero lo se, lo entiendo, necesito apoyo, siento un va y ven dentro de mi como un temblor constante. Como voy a vivir asi?

    Nueva vida. Nuevas fronteras. Todo debe ser nuevo para mi. Quiero, pero me da miedo. Ira, lagrimas, temor, gritos. No se nada. Estoy enloqueciendo. Abrazame.