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Michael Jackson "The King of Pop" we took you for granted.. you where truely a gift & will not be remembered as 1 of the greatest..but as the greatest entertainer to ever live. One of the most giving, caring & loving individuals. My very favorite singer/song writer growing up and I was fortanate enough to have gone to one of your concerts. It was absolutely amazing. I love all your movies, all your videos...there will never be another you. Your music has inspired so many artists/people around the world. Many musicians would not be here today if it wern't for you. The greatest gift is that I got to see you live. You never hesitated to help kids/adults around the world, you loved all people, all races, all nationalities. You made a huge dent in the world as it is today. I always have & always will stand by your side in the horrible horrible things people say against you & think they know about you. You would never ever hurt a child & it's ashame what society did to you, people are so quick to judge others but not themselves. The victim through it all you did not deserve none of the nonsense everybody but few put you through. Rest In Peace Michael Joseph Jackson, your star will shine forever.

(((DANCE 4 LIFE)))

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