• The Eraser

    3. Mai. 2007, 21:06

    Well, I'm sure everybody here knows and visits Pitchfork Media. It's such a pleasure to read record reviews with delicious hints of irony (and believe me, where I come from irony is not commonly used). I think this is a good example.
    Radiohead, since it's my darkest-moment's soundtrack, will always be my favorite band. It has the required amount of melancholy to musicalize my life.
    Anyway, I really think this Thom Yorke v. Jonny Greenwood dilema it's pointless. I mean, I've been reading about this since Audiogalaxy's times (buuuuuuf...) and yet there is no definitive answer: TY seems to be more popular than JG, his music is easier to digest, and yeah, that's important. I mean, I saw JG in London performing with the London Sinfonetta... and well, probably it has to do with my characteristic ignorance, but some songs where just... far beyond what I could understand.

    Anyway, I've been listening this record for the last months a lot... it even made me buy a phrasal verbs dictionary (when I realized I didn't knew what the f*ck it ment to "do someone in"...) so once more, TY makes me learn something new...

    "...unless you're predisposed to loving everything Yorke sets his voice against..."
    That's an interesting criteria to analyze TY's career... probably I won't love it, but I would listen to it and save it preciously in my drawer just the same...

    The Eraser