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U.S. GirlsRed Ford Radio 11. Jun., 5:37
Rio En MedioYou Can Stand 11. Jun., 5:33
Ariel Pink's Haunted GraffitiImmune to Emotion 11. Jun., 5:30
O'DeathAdelita 11. Jun., 5:28
Jenny LewisThe Voyager 11. Jun., 5:25
Headless HeroesJust One Time 11. Jun., 5:19
Jana HunterPalms 11. Jun., 5:16
Rio En MedioYou Can Stand 11. Jun., 5:12
White MagicWhat I See 11. Jun., 5:08
Larkin GrimmGo Gently 11. Jun., 5:06
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  • GMScrobbler

    Does it matter where Soap comes from? ...As long as it IS Soap...Or Mostly Soap. Ugh! That Soap's Dirty, it was on the floor. Wouldn't Activating The Magical Powers of Soap Win. Like Good vs. Bad (No room 4 Evil N my current Belief System). MayB there's a certain Ratio that must B met, but it can't B 50/50. Good is Better than that. The Movie/Comic Book (same thing right?) Industry has convinced me of this (Religion has as well of course). The Universe wouldn't have supplied us w/ such Magic if it couldn't defeat Bad w/ unfavorable odds. Why is the Universe so Dirty anyway? Everything should B Clean by Default. H. Hughes was Right on this (If he thought something like that). Hey, look what I found... Bubbly Stuff that Cleans us. Yeah, that makes sense. Parentheses R bubble-like. The Devil is N the Dirty Details of God's Cleanliness. From Space... That's where it comes from. That's where EVERYTHING comes from. Being Clean Matters. FUCK! (The ratio lowered, slightly (details matter too))

    20. Jun., 9:39 Antworten
  • plethoricman

    Yeah, nice sound -- crepuscular velvet... "this is fire" is a damned nice album

    11. Jun., 18:15 Antworten
  • GMScrobbler

    That Belief might be Factual... But Unfortunitely God 2.0 couldn't save All of Matt Damon's flowers.

    11. Jun., 2:26 Antworten
  • Alainn

    Was the language barrier that none of us tried to speak Dutch (I'm guilty of that :( One of my American-AFL coaches actually asked us to just speak Dutch 0_o )? To answer the trivia question: Schiphol used to be a harbour that was a tad too tricky for some, so they called it Ships Hell (Ship = Schip in Dutch). I didn't want to jinx your flight so figured it would be better to ask you got home safe :)

    22. Mai., 0:55 Antworten
  • Alainn

    Soz for not responding sooner :( Hope you still had fun in Amsterdam :) Trivia: Do you know what the name of the airport (Schiphol) means?

    21. Mai., 22:11 Antworten
  • GMScrobbler

    The Truth that Defends Our Freedom

    12. Mai., 20:16 Antworten
  • plethoricman

    Well, the money in Politics question is dead easy to solve - if a single donater wishes to shell out a million (like Dickie Desmond did for the Undeserved Knighthoods to Ignorant Pricks party) then, clearly, their passion for Democracy is, verily, unassailable and Noble... whereas, if some group of feeble half-assed Numpties like Union members ante-up a few pennies they are clearly completely unaware of the Subtle & Marvellous Workings of said system and their Corrupt & Ignorant attempts to Pervert said system should be outlawed and probably punished by, to Quote the great Lee Perry, Bedlam & Famine....I thang you

    11. Mai., 17:45 Antworten
  • plethoricman

    Well! When I saw the result this morning I did consider emulating the pretty pic by slashing my Bastard Wrists - Hahaha ROFB! What makes the result truly appalling is that it was probably decided by the 40% undecided ---right upto the end pundits were waffling about the various(!) permutations of Hung Parliament hahahaha, those guys..

    8. Mai., 19:47 Antworten
  • plethoricman

    Awww .... dats pwitty!

    7. Mai., 22:30 Antworten
  • GMScrobbler

    This. Foot note to previous Post. When I think of the Wealthy, of course I think of trying to End Starvation. Wealthy = Feeding the Poor. They go hand and hand. Altruism > Stock Options. How we still have people Starving is a True Conundrum.

    24. Apr., 22:12 Antworten
  • plethoricman

    this was a large joy..

    24. Apr., 17:50 Antworten
  • plethoricman

    I deleted "pervalent" then changed my mind...

    24. Apr., 14:48 Antworten
  • plethoricman

    Cheers, lots of love for the Concorde boys and that film might actually fight it's way through my Grande Inertia .... but what a Fuckin' Godawful site that was! This Hateful AdFuck seems to be becoming more & more pervalent ... epitome of this Century of Snide... I went to see Barry Adamson at the Quays in Salford a few years back and I have a distinct memory of being pleased(!) that it was all-seating, haha... So It Goes

    24. Apr., 14:47 Antworten
  • GMScrobbler

    Nothing This Guy did or said gained much attention Nationally.. Not until he started to talk about GMOs. Now he's a Quack & Now there's a long list of his Quackery; basically all the stuff few cared about before, including his chat in Washington. All because Powerful People believe the American people are Too Stupid to know what's Good for them. Options & Information lead to Confusion. What we have is so Good it must be kept a Secret. YET, its Use must be widespread if not Universal. Why keep secret what U so badly want to share? Maybe this'll be a Fight GMO supporters will regret.. [Here's to Mentally Modified High Hopes]

    23. Apr., 2:19 Antworten
  • GMScrobbler

    I hear and read Conservatives talk quite a bit about Innovation. I'm fairly certain however that they don't know what the word actually means. New and Different doesn't come from those that do everything they can to Prevent New and Different. Innovative Conservatives is an oxymoron.

    17. Apr., 2:03 Antworten
  • Alainn

    I see I haven't answered the sailing question: yes, to the south of Amsterdam there's the Nieuwe Meer (although a bit small). If you want to get a better experience then check out the IJselmeer, this used to be a sea but with the placement of a huge dike, connecting Friesland and Noord-Holland, it became a huge lake that's very popular to sail on.

    5. Apr., 10:49 Antworten
  • Alainn

    Welcome to Mokum :) (One survivalist tip: Don't gawk around while you're walking in the traffic-lanes) :D

    5. Apr., 10:44 Antworten
  • GMScrobbler

    All that's Needed with These are DUI Check points surrounding the Stations. That's...

    23. Mär., 3:01 Antworten
  • GMScrobbler

    In a World – Where They accidentally Stepped on his Flowers. Where the Need for Vengeance will be in Full Bloom. And where the Only visitor they'll Remember will be their Last. This Spring... Matt Damon is... The Part-Time Gardener. --– And This Time it's Seasonal!

    21. Mär., 8:15 Antworten
  • amniocentesis

    Haha. I can remember sitting around in various coastal bars when "It's gonna blow" meant something quite different than now. Back then it meant we could just keep drinking. Anyway. Thought you were due for a non sequitur: Never lie to your kid. Cheerz.

    14. Mär., 21:57 Antworten
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