AaliyahTry Again Lieblingslied 20
AaliyahWe Need a Resolution Lieblingslied 102
AaliyahGot to Give It Up Lieblingslied 8
AaliyahRock the Boat Lieblingslied 172
AaliyahMore Than a Woman Lieblingslied 92
AaliyahOne in a Million Lieblingslied 85
Aaliyah4 Page Letter Lieblingslied 122
AaliyahIf Your Girl Only Knew Lieblingslied 87
AaliyahLoose Rap Lieblingslied 140
AaliyahBack and Forth Lieblingslied 5
AaliyahI Care 4 U Lieblingslied 82
AaliyahNever No More Lieblingslied 16
AaliyahErica Kane Lieblingslied 24
AaliyahI Don't Wanna Lieblingslied 47
AaliyahAre You Ready Lieblingslied 4
AaliyahThe One I Gave My Heart To Lieblingslied 42
AaliyahAge Ain't Nothing but a Number Lieblingslied 135
AaliyahDown With the Clique Lieblingslied 52
AaliyahU Got Nerve Lieblingslied 18
AaliyahWhat If Lieblingslied 74
AaliyahHeartbroken Lieblingslied 28
AaliyahA Girl Like You Lieblingslied 3
AaliyahYoung Nation Lieblingslied 147
AaliyahAt Your Best (You Are Love) Lieblingslied 350
After 7Nights Like This Lieblingslied 1
After 7Ready Or Not Lieblingslied 19
Al B. Sure!I Love It (Papi Aye, Aye, Aye) Lieblingslied 0
Al B. Sure!Lady In My Life Lieblingslied 1
Al GreenLets Stay Together Lieblingslied 32
Al GreenI'm Still in Love With You Lieblingslied 62
Alex GopherTryin' Lieblingslied 20
Alicia KeysFallin' Lieblingslied 50
Alicia KeysYou Don't Know My Name Lieblingslied 39
Alicia KeysWreckless Love Lieblingslied 57
Alicia KeysEmpire State of Mind (Part II) Broken Down Lieblingslied 2
AmerieWhy Don't We Fall In Love Lieblingslied 1
AmerieNothing Like Loving You Lieblingslied 25
AmerieShow Me Lieblingslied 38
AmerieTalkin' About Lieblingslied 1
AmerieJust Like Me Lieblingslied 39
AmerieSomebody Up There Lieblingslied 73
AmerieHigher Lieblingslied 1
AmerieSwag Back Lieblingslied 2
Amy WinehouseRehab Lieblingslied 60
Angie StoneNo More Rain (In This Cloud) Lieblingslied 5
Angie StoneBrotha Lieblingslied 4
Angie StoneMake It Last Lieblingslied 1
Anita BakerSweet Love Lieblingslied 14
Anita BakerCaught Up in the Rapture Lieblingslied 42
Anita BakerNo One in the World Lieblingslied 1