Dream Theater Story


12. Okt. 2006, 21:55

Inspired by Tarmal I created a story of Dream Theater songs similar to his of Blind Guardian songs.

"I have been told there's a fortune in lies, though I've always been just a status seeker. The Ytse Jam is the organization I'm working for, but unfortunately I am the killing hand for them. Then I remembered someone had said: ”Light fuse and get away”, and you'll meet me in the afterlife. But now we're just the ones who help to set the sun, and it is only a matter of time. But please, pull me under, I can't live yet another day. I should take the time, but I'm completely surrounded. This part of the story could be called Metropolis pt.1: ”The Miracle and The Sleeper”, it shall take place under a glass moon. But wait for sleep, and you'll be learning to live. 6:00 is the time I wake up every day, only to find I'm caught in a web. My innocence faded will be revealed when there's a mind beside itself. The mirror only tells you a lie, but in the end it'll be lifting shadows off a dream. I'm so scarred, clothed myself in a space-dye vest. It is a change of seasons again! Now it is also a new millennium, and I know it's going to be all about you not me. This will all happen under the Peruvian skies in the age known as the Hollow Years. There are many things that are burning my soul in a so called Hell's Kitchen, but I know someone who'll be always drawing lines in the sand. I beg you, take away my pain and just let me breathe. Anna Lee is now going through the trial of tears. Now this part should be called Metropolis pt.2: ”Scenes from a Memory”. I've lived too long in the glass prison. I have a blind faith but still I'm misunderstood. But in the end, the great debate will vanish, and all will disappear. Having gone through the six degrees of inner turbulence, I think I should be taken as I am - I know I have this dying soul which will always make an endless sacrifice for you. Remember to honor thy father and stay vacant. Stream of consciousness is now where I will head for, in the name of God. This is the root of all evil, but you know what..? The answer lies within. I live inside these walls, but I promise: I walk beside you forever. Last night I had a panic attack, but nothing is never enough for me. I pray for their sacrificed sons, but in the end I'm just trapped inside this octavarium. This section called "In the Presence of Enemies (Part I)" should be forsaken. The constant motion of the dark eternal night causes repentance, or at least so the prophets of war preach. The Ministry of Lost Souls is the place where ends the section called "In the Presence of Enemies (Part II)". In hindsight, it was a nightmare to remember, which though, through a rite of passage, will hopefully someday wither away from my memories. After escaping from the shattered fortress, I experienced the best of times with the count of Tuscany.

Dream Theater Reigns.


  • Pinky-of-doom

    Hihi, nicely done! :D *hugs*

    6. Mär. 2008, 14:11
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