• Body count: 5.

    15. Nov. 2011, 12:39

    Sat 12 Nov – I ♥ Techno 2011

    The body count
    Was it awesome? Fuck yeah it was!
    Only 5 people where picked up by an ambulance (as far as I've seen). Which, I think, is a pretty good score when you think of how hot it was (in the orange room especially).
    Also, the lack of frisk-searches (I usually get frisk-searched completely because I'm tall and I shave my head, this time I just could walk along) made it especially easy for people to smuggle in xtc. It didn't really bother me, but I didnt feel sorry for the people that got carried away. Most of them probably had it comming.

    Getting there
    The transport was a bit of a problem.
    There where supposed to be "pendel-trams" (can't be bothered to translate). Anyway, one, or multiple, broke down, so about 30000 people had to be transported in a different way. I took another tram, I don't know how the rest of the people got there eventually.
    Once inside it all went pretty smooth. Got rid of my jacket quickly, no long waiting ques.

    Line up was amazing. I've seen every act I wanted to to see, except for Paul Kalkbrenner. There was a waiting que of at least 2000 people in front of the green room, so I couldnt be bothered.

    Katy B - Because of the bad transport I was pretty late, so I've only seen the last bit of her. It was pretty nice, especially with the live-band. It made it very light. Nice act to start the night with.

    Nero - Nero was insane. There where too many people in the room, which heated up ofcourse. After half an hour most of the male visitors already took of their shirt. Nero's set was just... undescripable. For 1,5 hours I've been raving like a lunatic. Without drugs and only 2 beers.

    Chase & Status - Pretty nice. Not quite what I expected. Maybe it was because Nero was so awesome, and Chase & Status had to live up to that. It probably was because there was some happy MC constantly yapping along (I hate MC's, if it's not a rap-show, just STFU). The live vocals where nice, but they where not mixing their tracks at all. It usually was just a few seconds of silence in between their tunes.
    It was pretty nice, but not awesome. One good thing: they let fewer people inside, so it was not as unbearably hot as with Nero.

    Skream & Benga (+ another happy MC)
    I got to admit, this MC was not quite as annoying as the one with Chase & Status. This set was over-all a bit more laid back. One you could bounce your head to insteat of going all-out crazy. The advertisement for Skreams new single (now availible on iTunes) was a bit cheap, but hey, they probably have to eat too.
    I liked the jungle-like vibe to this set.

    Knife Party - I've only seen the last part of their set, because I had to take a little break after a few hours in the orange room. Just seeing them fuck up the deck was kind amusing though, although I felt a bit bad for them.

    Flux Pavilion - Was already getting a bit tired, but another insane set. Bass cannon is ofourse a tune that the whole hall gets wild to. Only seen half an hour, because Feed Me started in the green room.

    Feed Me - It was lovely. Not too crowded, and the start-up with the smoke machines was subliminal. Funny to see he has his own customised stage (just like Deadmau5). If I still had more energy left it would've been euphoric.

    After that we decided it was time to go home, you wouldnt get stuck in the fights of all the drugged-out people.

    Overall I really enjoyed the night. Some minor irritations, like the transport, and the lack of frisk-searches. I dont mind if someone enjoys the night in his own way (if you happen to enjoy eating XTC pills like M&M's, go ahead), but some people just really can't handle drugs, and start acting rediculous. A friend of me got into a little fight with some drugged out Italian. That is the reason I would like to see more strict frisk-searches.
    Other than that, I really look forward to the next year. It's somewhat of a travel, but if I can make it, I'll surely be there!