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MOPIDon't stop 21. Aug. 2009
MOPIFeel it down 18. Aug. 2009
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Über mich

Hey Guys!

We are the band from Poland called Mopi. Our story began in 2007 as we assembled and started recording our material as Mopi. In our group there are five professional musicians with huge on-scene experience ... As MOPI we gig at many different places - sometimes pretty strange though … and still hard to say what kind of music we play ;) - but we love what we do and that's quite a good option to do for the future ;) Our own styles? Hmmm;) There is no doubt, they are completely different ;) Ohh yeea ;)) and characters even more - it's visible in our photos;)) But frankly, we are friends and it's really good that we came across ourselves.

We hope our music tells you more..than what we wrote here:) Thank you All for taking your time to look and listen. We appreciate it very much and we hope you enjoy it!


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