19. Jul. 2010, 15:35

This is a short list of a few of my favourite bands and the tracks which I love.

1. Athlete
First Heard: El Salvador
Fell In Love With: Out Of Nowhere
Overall Favourite: Shake Those Windows
Current Favourite: Second Hand Stores

2. David Bowie
First Heard: Ashes To Ashes
Fell In Love With: Sound and Vision
Overall Favourite: Heroes
Current Favourite: Oh! You Pretty Things

3. Blur
First Heard: Song 2
Fell In Love With: Trimm Trabb
Overall Favourite: London Loves
Current Favourite: Tracy Jacks

4. Stoney
First Heard: Jailbird
Fell In Love With: Soap in a Bathtub
Overall Favourite: Let It Go
Current Favourite: Jailbird

5. Thursday
First Heard: Cross Out The Eyes
Fell In Love With: Paris In Flames
Overall Favourite: Autobiography Of A Nation
Current Favourite: You Were The Cancer

6. Kaizer Orchestra
First Heard: Evig Pint
Fell In Love With: 170
Overall Favourite: Knekker Deg Til Sist
Current Favourite: Hjerteknuser

7. Everything Everything
First Heard: [track artist=Everything Everything]My Kz Yr Bf/track]
Fell In Love With: [track artist=Everything Everything]Schoolin[/track]
Overall Favourite: [track artist=Everything Everything]Come Alive Diana[/track]
Current Favourite:[track artist=Everything Everything]Photoshop Handsome[/track]

8. Mystery Jets
First Heard: [track artist=Mystery Jets]You Can't Fool Me Dennis[/track]
Fell In Love With: [track artist=Mystery Jets]Purple Prose[/track]
Overall Favourite: [track artist=Mystery Jets]Half In Love With Elizabeth[/track]
Current Favourite: [track artist=Mystery Jets]Hand Me Down[/track]

9. Atlum Schema
First Heard:[track artist=Atlum Schema]Gunfight At The O.k. Corral[/track]
Fell In Love With: [track artist=Atlum Schema]Closing The Doors[/track]
Overall Favourite: [track artist=Atlum Schema]Visual Infancy[/track]
Current Favourite: [track artist=Atlum Schema]Set The Pace[/track]

10. Cartridge
First Heard: [track artist=Cartridge]Coma State[/track]
Fell In Love With:[track artist=Cartridge]Don't Speak To Me[/track]
Overall Favourite: [track artist=Cartridge]Out Of Joint[/track]
Current Favourite: [track artist=Cartridge]Tree Crowns[/track]


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