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MoJo Management deal with the promotion of bands in Wallonia and Brussels thanks to more than 500 contacts in media, radios, tv, webzine and so on.
But promotion is nothing without concerts. So MoJo takes in charge the search of gigs in the same regions as well.

And for bands who want help and support against musical industry, MoJo also takes care of them thanks to its management area.
For instance, MoJo is dealing with some bands to know exactly what they need and if our organization is able to help them, before signing contracts. Our priority is to supply the best work as possible. A too-large catalog will obstruct this.

But we are already in charge of Kaizer Place, Reject and Capital Cult for different aspects (management, booking or promotion).
And more bands will join us in this amazing adventure during the coming weeks. So stay tuned !

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