• Nargaroth FullMoon MidNight Massacre

    21. Apr. 2011, 17:31

    Mon 18 Apr – Nargaroth

    That night was Fullmoon. Something was in the air.....

    We arrived in time and I could see Chaos Invocation fortunatelly. Their album is a great start to the scene, it sounds unique, it has got power in it and not a copy of any band.
    In Bloodline With The Snake
    Front man and all the other musicians was very energetic and they wanted to make the audience crazy. I was one of their victim. :)

    I liked Posthum because of its pure performance. There was no corpspaint, no blood, no any other stage-property. It was about music only. In this case you can only stop and just let the music flow throught your vein.... nice job.

    Stormnatt has made a very agressive and powerful black metal concert. But next time I dont want to blood into my face. Because the front man suddenly dash a big cup of blood into the crowd.

    And then arrived Nargaroth to the stage......
    First time of course they just set their instruments and try the sound... it has taken only a few minutes but it was enough to fire up the crowd.. This gig was limited into 200 persons, and the place was totally full. We came from Hungary too see them and I am sure that many others travelled a lot only for this.

    So after Kanwulf tried his microphone there was a very big stop. They went back to the backstage to make their corpsepaint.

    And then started the massacre. I cant find appropriate words for this show.... but I can tell you, that I felt something enermous energy, which I have never felt before at black metal concerts. After a few song, Kanwulf get a big knife in his hand. Everyone thought that it will suddenly enter into somebody. IT WAS SOO KILLER !!!
    Nargaroth had massive sound, power in it !!!!! AMAZING !!!!! THEY really BLAST US!!!
    So If you dont like their sound in the albums, then you should go to see them live, and just wonder. As you hear another band.... but you can also recognise the songs.

    During the last song, Kanwulf has left the stage and let the other musicians go on. The crowd shouted for a long time to make them back, but they didnt.