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30. Nov. 2009, 18:36

1.How did you get into 31? Jurassic 5
I knew something about their music before that, but it wasn't until Power In Numbers came out, that I really started to listen to them. What's Golden was first track of theirs that fell in love with, and it's still one of my favorites.

2.What's the first song you ever heard by 22? Pharrell
Well, Can I Have It Like That ft. Gwen Stefani, but of course I started with N*E*R*D

3.What's your favorite lyrics by 29? The Killers
"You sit there in your heartache, waiting on some beautiful boy to
To save you from your old ways. You play forgiveness
Watch it now, here he comes
He doesnt look a thing like Jesus, but he talks like a gentleman
Like you imagined, When you were young"
From When You Were Young

4.What's your favorite album by 49? Michael Jackson

5.How many albums by 13 do you own? Dr. Dre
Two; 2001 and The Chronic

6.What is your favorite song by 50? The All-American Rejects
Gives You Hell

7.Is there a song by 5 that makes you sad? 2Pac
There are songs like that, but the first one that comes to mind is definitely Brenda's Got A Baby

8.What is your favorite song by 15? Snoop Dogg
That's easy. Who Am I (What's My Name)?

9.What is your favorite song by 4?Nas
The World Is Yours

10.Is there a song by 6 that makes you happy? Jamie Cullum
Yes! Many! For example I Get A Kick Out Of You, What A Difference A Day Made and These Are The Days

11.What is your favorite album by 40? Snow Patrol
Eyes Open

12.What's your favorite song by 10? Talib Kweli
Beautiful Struggle

13.What's a good memory you have involving 33? Dizzee Rascal
Even though Bonkers isn't my favorite Dizzee song, it brings up the memory of last summer when it came out. Me and my friends listened to it a LOT and it reminds me of them <3

14.What's your favorite song by 37? Jamiroquai
Aaah, one classic song; Virtual Insanity

15.Is there a song by 19 that makes you happy? Outkast
With the energy that Hey Ya! has, it should make everyone in the world happy.

16.How many times have you seen 24 live? The White Tie Affair
I've never seen them live.

17.What's the first song you ever heard by 23? N*E*R*D
I think it was Provider

18.What's your favorite album by 1? Xzibit
Do I have to choose?? Let's say... Restless

19.Who is your favorite member of 11? The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus
Let's give it to lead vocals, Ronnie Winter

20.Have you ever seen 14 live? Jay-Z
Nope :(

21.What is good memory involving 45? Avain
Between ages 12-15, I barely listened to anything else than Avain. His music has plenty to do with me growing up.

22.What is your favorite song by 16? Lupe Fiasco
Kick, Push

23.What is the first song you heard by 47? Jedi Mind Tricks
Could've been Animal Rap, but I'm not sure.

24.What is your favorite album by 21? Robin Thicke
The Evolution of Robin Thicke

25.What is your favorite song by 18? Run-D.M.C.
It's Like That which also has the coolest music video ever!

26.What is the first song you heard by 38? Big Daddy Kane

27.What's your favorite lyric by 3? Kanye West
"Through the fire, to the limit, to the wall
For a chance to be with you, I'd gladly risk it all
Through the fire, through whatever come what may
For a chance at loving you, I'd take it all away
Right down through the wire, even through the fire"
From Through the Wire

28.What's your favorite song by 2? Beastie Boys
This is actually easier to pick than you'd think. Because if I had to choose my favorite song of all time, just one song, it would be: Paul Revere

29.What's the first song you heard by 32? Loost Koos
Pojast miehex

30.How many times have you seen 17 live? Coldplay
Never seen them live :(

31.Is there a song by 44 that makes you happy? All Time Low
Well... Poppin' (Champagne) is a fun song!

32.What is your favorite album by 12? Panic at the Disco
A Fever You Can't Sweat Out

33.What is the worst song by 46? Ritarikunta
Don't know. Can't say. Nope.

34.What's the first song you ever heard by 34? A Tribe Called Quest
And I'm seriously supposed to remember? Uhm... I'd guess it could have been Can I Kick It?

35.What's your favorite album by 42? Eric B. & Rakim
Paid In Full

36.How many times have you seen 39 live? Common
Never seen him live.

37.What is your favorite album by 36? Gnarls Barkley
St. Elsewhere

38.What was the first song you heard by 28? Ronnie Day
Ever and After

39.What is your favorite album by 7? Secondhand Serenade
A Twist in My Story

40.How did you get into 8? T.I.
I heard U Don't Know Me on MTV and after that it was clear I loved T.I.

41.What's the first song you heard by 9? 3OH!3
Don't Trust Me

42.What's your favorite lyric by 20? Proof
The whole lyrics of Kurt Cobain and here's just a part of it:
"But now on I'm all alone
Just Proof, no shine, no friends, just fans
No wonder my hands, tight where the Internet ends
I take back most of the flack
The stress smokes, press me close to the crack
Like my pops, the ghost of my past"

43.What's your favorite album by 25? Cobra Starship
Hot Mess

44.How many albums by 26 do you own? Family Force 5
One, Dance Or Die

45.What's your favorite song by 27? Gym Class Heroes

46.How did you get into 30? Wu-Tang Clan
I stole their cd from my sister. Sorry, sys :)

47.What's your song by 35? Asa
Varkaan laulu

48.What's your favorite album by 41? Egotrippi
Vielä koittaa uusi aika

49.How many albums by 48 do you own? Naughty By Nature
Two; Naughty By Nature and 19 Naughty III

50.How did you get into 43? The Fray
Last.fm recommended it to me :)


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