MistaMajins Top Ten (Stand: 24.07.07) (Inspired by Ituri)


24. Jul. 2007, 14:34

1. Nas
First Song heard: The World Is Yours
Fell in love with: 2nd Childhood
Currently loving: Just A Moment
All time fave: One Mic
Last time played: Just A Moment

2. 2Pac
First Song heard: Only God Can Judge Me
Fell in love with: I Ain't Mad At Cha
Currently loving: All Eyez on Me
All time fave: Hail Mary
Last time played: Hail Mary

3. Kanye West
First Song heard: All Falls Down (feat. Syleena Johnson)
Fell in love with: Through the Wire
Currently loving: We Don't Care
All time fave: Through the Wire
Last time played: Jesus Walks

4. Samurai Champloo
First Song heard: Just Forget
Fell in love with: Just Forget
Currently loving: Battlecry
All time fave: Just Forget
Last time played: Aruarian Dance

5. Mobb Deep
First Song heard: It's Mine feat Nas
Fell in love with: Where Ya Heart At
Currently loving: It's Mine feat Nas
All time fave: Quiet Storm
Last time played: It's Mine feat Nas

6. Jack Johnson
First Song heard: Better Together
Fell in love with: Times Like These
Currently loving: Times Like These
All time fave: Fortunate Fools
Last time played: Banana Pancakes

7. Bushido
First Song heard: Electrofaust
Fell in love with: Sternenstaub
Currently loving: Flerräter
All time fave: Bei Nacht
Last time played: H.E.N.GZT

8. Manu Chao
First Song heard: Me Gustas Tu
Fell in love with: Me Gustas Tu
Currently loving: Minha Galera
All time fave: Clandestino
Last time played: Mentira...

9. Notorious B.I.G
First Song heard: Big Poppa
Fell in love with: Sky's The Limit (Feat. 112)
Currently loving: Juicy
All time fave: You're Nobody (Til Somebody Kills You)
Last time played: Juicy

10. Gorillaz
First Song heard: Clint Eastwood
Fell in love with: Tomorrow Comes Today
Currently loving: Dirty Harry
All time fave: Tomorrow Comes Today
Last time played: Dirty Harry


  • Bogusz

    Affenstarke Liste

    24. Jul. 2007, 14:39
  • LANjackal

    Of the above, here's my list. Fell in love with, All time fave, and currently loving are all the same for me. Oh, and I have no idea about the last play ;). [b]1.[/b] Nas First song heard: Hate Me Now All time fave: You Know My Style [b]2.[/b] 2Pac First song heard: I Get Around All time fave: Temptations [b]3.[/b] Kanye West '' - Through the Wire '' - We Major (this is a stretch since I really don't have a favorite KY song) FYI: Samurai Champloo is NOT an artist. The tracks featured on the soundtrack are done by Fat Jon, Force of Nature and Nujabes for the most part. I like the music, have a lot of it, but don't recall enough to choose favorites. [b]4.[/b] Mobb Deep '' - Quiet Storm '' - Get Ya Hustle On (props to you if you've ever heard this, AFAIK it's only one ONE mixtape, period. If you want it, ask me ;)). [b]5.[/b] The Notorious B.I.G. '' - Big Poppa '' - Dead Wrong (probably some of the illest, vilest lines in a rap song ever)

    25. Jul. 2007, 5:35
  • Ituri

    Jack Johnson? Ich glaube der hat sich verirrt. °_°

    25. Jul. 2007, 12:14
  • MistaMajin

    @LANjackal: Thx 4 your comment :) - Hate me now & You Know My Style are two of the worst Nas-Tracks (Puffy sucks):> - I know that Samurai Champloo isn't an artist, but fuck it, i'm too lazy to edit every song :> - Yeah you're right, get ya hustle on... is nice :> @Ituri: :>

    27. Jul. 2007, 16:01
  • Bogusz

    Iiiieeeeeh :>

    19. Aug. 2007, 10:39
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