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[unknown]MEU BARQUINHO 18. Mär., 9:25
Fernanda BrumEspírito Santo 18. Mär., 9:20
Mozart l'Opéra RockVivre à en crever 18. Mär., 9:15
Katy PerryHot n Cold 18. Mär., 9:12
David GarrettSmooth Criminal Lieblingslied 17. Mär., 9:29
MikaLollipop Lieblingslied 17. Mär., 9:26
LovexAnyone Anymore Lieblingslied 17. Mär., 9:21
BlutengelFly Away 17. Mär., 9:16
Mozart l'Opéra RockVivre à en crever 17. Mär., 9:12
MuseHysteria Lieblingslied 16. Mär., 13:32
the GazettECassis Lieblingslied 16. Mär., 13:25
MuseSupermassive Black Hole Lieblingslied 16. Mär., 13:20
MetallicaWhiskey in the Jar Lieblingslied 16. Mär., 13:15
[unknown]Adam Lambert - Marry The Night (Glee Cast Version) 16. Mär., 13:11
RuPaulSissy That Walk Lieblingslied 15. Mär., 22:17
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Über mich

I'm a southeast brazilian girl, music lover ^^

As you can see, I'm a huge fan of Versailles (I really like how "Philharmonic Quintet" sounds, but I don't use it. I met them as Versailles so they are simply Versailles to me. Don't really care about the american singer --'), since the middle of 2008.

In general, I do appreciate asian music, specially J-rock and K-pop. I also like symphonic metal and gothic bands. Well, nothing more to say, check my library if you please (:

I accept everyone with similar music taste, hm? If you can, leave me a message on my shoutbox u3u~

Sorry for the poor english, but my native language (portuguese) is hard enough to talk, so I can't handle perfectly another languages (y)

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