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Über mich

I'm a proud and typical African. I love African stuff. It's my persona; It's where I am mentally. I have emancipated myself from the mental slavery that comes from the western ways of doing things. I am African inside.

I'm easy going, down to earth, hard-working, straight-forward, always seeking to assist, diplomatic, honest, tolerant, loyal, intelligent, humble, respectful, caring, loving, understanding, very social, polite, amiable, Humorous, open minded, serious, flexible, nurturing, sensitive, witty, intellectual, responsible, free-spirited, unconventional, large hearted and dedicated to any cause I believe in.

I recognize and make use of opportunities when I see one. I'm not a lay-back person. Also, I hate complacency, laziness and dishonesty. The ability to make the best of an opportunity is what separates success and failure. I'm a man of passion, great passion. I have always believe in my God given abilities and capabilities and above all, I have always believe in myself and the sincerity of purpose. I guess in a lot ways, my pedigree laid the foundation of who I am today because I was brought up on an overdose of morality, spirituality and from an early age, the word character was defined by my parents for me to emulate.

My Parents actually taught me to be content with what I have, to really believe that you can be the best that God intends you to be. Significantly, they enjoined me not to crave for what other people have. Rather, I should remain ambitious and determined. Given these morals, I acquired the lesson of being my own man. Never to walk in anyone's shadow. My Parents also instilled in me the essence of hard work. To always bear in mind at all times that there would never be food for a lazy man. These, plus my communal upbringing have continue to define my outlook in life. I must confess that I see them as my role model. They shaped my life with values and principles, which were instilled in me from birth. At a point, I felt it was too much. Too much lecturing. Too much moralizing. At first, I didn't understand why, but right now they are the things I had to fall back on. These are the things that shaped who I am and the qualities that without even knowing it, I had always admired in them. My Parents, apart from the fact that they brought me into the world, they taught me modesty, respect, honesty, transparency. They are my role model.

I am somebody who believes nothing in life, as in obstacle, can stop anyone who has a dream except himself. I see every trial that comes my way as a pedestal for me to launch deep into every opportunity that I may not be aware of. I believe in sheer hard-work, honesty and determination. I believe in destiny and when you work very hard within your capacity, you will earn a good reward. Real success comes from thriving even in difficult times. For you to survive in any human venture, you must have a target, a well-defined goal achievable within a given time.

Well, I believe in God and His ability to do whatever he wants to do. I also believe that once you put God first, you're patient, hard working, sincere and honest, the sky is the limit. It might seem not to be working but ultimately you will get there. It is the essence of our being. I have trained myself not to expect too much so I don't get disappointed. I try also not to be desperate for anything because if it is the will of God that it will be mine, it will always be. In the world full of hypocrites, this is who I am. I'm not going to change to morrow. I am happy about who I am. I think every one should try and be natural and real.

My prayer everyday is "Lord, if you can take nothing and make a world out of it, you can make something great out of me. Make me Noah to whom who can entrust your mighty plans; Make me Abraham who is willing to leave home and homeland to follow your call; make me Joseph who will rather endure prison than violate one of your commands; Make me Moses who is willing to stand as your mouthpiece against the most powerful leaders in the world; make me Daniel who would rather face a lions' den than compromise his faith and belief". I am the clay, God is the potter when he formed me he made no mistakes. I am so grateful that God can twist, mold and change me into what he wants me to be.

I prefer to work with people I have the same chemistry with. People that are on the same mental frame with me. I'm not looking for saints but just decent human beings. I would like to meet people from all around the world with different backgrounds and cultures. I love surrounding myself with interesting individuals that can bring some knowledge and excitement to my life. I'm looking for people who can see the big picture. People with ideas bigger than life. People with focus, vision and the right attitude. People who can see the extra ordinary in ordinary things. Brand builders. Team players. IF you don't fit into a stereotype, you're my kind of people.

I'm looking for creative people, people who dare to be successful. I believe creativity is an art of strategic thinking that unfolds your potential and achieves results in the midst of conspicuous impossibilities.

Today, the air of impossibilities buzz everywhere; gloom and consternation have robbed smiles from many faces. But creative people get something out of noting. Creative people ultimately become creative in bad situations. They are able to see what others cannot see. When others are seeing mountains and road rocks, they can see images and statue. Creative people see things where others do not. Creative people put things together, on a canvas or in a stew pot. They may put two and two together and come up with 22 instead of four.

Creative people do not play by the rules. They enjoy being outlaws, breaking rules, and thumbing their noses at convention and conformity. They invent new ways to do old things. They produce fruits all year round. They are perennial in their thinking. Even in dry season they can still produce fruits. It does not matter the season of life, they are able to know what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. They do not play by the rules. They enjoy being outlaws, breaking rules, and thumbing their noses at convention and conformity.

They take action. They push beyond, around, or through the walls that confine them. Every problem is an opportunity; every obstacle is a challenge. They looks at a challenge in the same a mountain climber looks at a mountain. The higher and more difficult the climb, the greater the opportunity to grow and greater the reward at the end. They thrive on challenges. They have a gleam in their eyes as soon as they sniff one. Challenges bring the best out of them. They see problems as opportunity to improve the quality of life. They do not overlook opportunities. they do not postpone what has to be done today till tomorrow because tomorrow has its own template.

Creative people are Achievers. I believe Achievers are uncommon and different. In a doubting world - they believe; In a slow world - they run; In a weeping world - they laugh; In a quitting world - they persevere. They don't do different things, they do things differently. They don't just give reasons, they give results. They are people who used what others complained about to become great in life. People who saw changes in what others call challenges. People who saw fortunes in what others call misfortunes, People who cannot accept others acceptable limitations. They are people who see beyond the impossible. And who aren't afraid to take the first step. For whom there are no half measures. They make a difference, Get involved. Take action. They are people who have a point of view. And the courage of their convictions.

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