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PixiesU-Mass 23. Apr., 7:09
The Gaslight AnthemHere Comes My Man 23. Apr., 7:04
Against Me!T.S.R. Lieblingslied 23. Apr., 7:01
Against Me!Unsubstantiated Rumors Lieblingslied 23. Apr., 6:59
Against Me!Don't Lose Touch Lieblingslied 23. Apr., 6:56
Against Me!Holy Shit Lieblingslied 23. Apr., 6:53
Against Me!Transgender Dysphoria Blues Lieblingslied 23. Apr., 6:50
GallowsOutsider Art Lieblingslied 23. Apr., 6:46
WeezerIII. Return to Ithaka 21. Apr., 3:36
WeezerII. Anonymous Lieblingslied 21. Apr., 3:32
WeezerI. The Waste Land 21. Apr., 3:30
WeezerFoolish Father 21. Apr., 3:26
WeezerCleopatra Lieblingslied 21. Apr., 3:23
WeezerGo Away Lieblingslied 21. Apr., 3:19
WeezerDa Vinci Lieblingslied 21. Apr., 3:15
WeezerThe British Are Coming 21. Apr., 3:11
WeezerI've Had It Up to Here Lieblingslied 21. Apr., 3:08
WeezerLonely Girl 21. Apr., 3:05
WeezerEulogy for a Rock Band Lieblingslied 21. Apr., 3:02
WeezerBack to the Shack Lieblingslied 21. Apr., 2:59
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Über mich

Hello, I'm Michael.
I'm a 28 year-old web developer from Los Angeles. I am a builder & designer of all things interactive; from websites, to products, to applications, magazines, anything that serves to entertain or inform an audience, and I'm always striving to make the devices and the services we interact with on a regular basis more beautiful, more intuitive/easy to use and timelessly beautiful. The scrobbled plays here are just a mere sample of the actual music that I've listened to over the years or the music that I listen to these days, regularly. As it probably shows, there was a good 4-5 year break over the time that I signed up for last.fm and today that I was not using the service at all. I have tried to plug in all my machines and devices that I use to listen to music into their system to keep track of my listening habits.

For more information about me, or what I'm currently up to, check out my personal website at www.moreaboutmichael.com

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